Geek to Chic Level One – The Bedroom

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Level One: The Bedroom

Now that you’ve decorated your office like the geeky haven you’ve always wanted, it’s time to move on to something a little bigger. The bedroom is obviously the next most logical choice, as it is after all the place where you can most be yourself. Whether you’re maxing or just relaxing, your bedroom is somewhere your creativity and possibly rather eccentric passions can run wild.


Here are a few fun little ideas that I really love:


Number 1: The TARDIS


The first thing I noticed when scouring the internet for bedroom related nerdy goodness, was how much Doctor Who, or more specifically Tardis, related items there were out there. Not only that but how creative people were getting with the whole theme. 


Amongst the plethora of Tardis Shelving units and bed covers however, one idea really struck me due to its genius, and that was to paint the door to a walk in wardrobe as such. The very notion that the room will look bigger on the inside than it is on the outside is something that not only made me laugh but also made my geeky heart squeal with joy, good show!


Number 2: The Wonder of Comics. 




There can be no better way to give your bedroom that geeky feel than covering it with comic books. 


Whether it’s giving it that all important feature wall of 100% readable wallpaper of your favourite comics, or it’s up-cycling your old and beaten down furniture will a little more well-loved cartoons – this idea is one I really want to try.  Here are a few pieces I found (and loved!) on Pinterest. 



Number 3: The Bed. 




Now I couldn’t very well write an article about the bedroom without at least mentioning the bed! The bed is after all where you’re most likely to spend most of your time in this room and so therefore, is a pretty critical affair. 


Aside from the obvious duvet cover choices though, there are many more ideas that I have encountered on my adventures through the nerdy world of the internet and I’ve got to say I kind of love them. As a massive Studio Gibli fan, the moment I saw this adorable Totorro bed I was sold, but looking a little further it’s not hard to find many more of these novelty themed futon beds. 


Although I can’t ensure these will provide a most comfortable nights sleep, they’ll certainly provide an interesting feature for your nerd themed boudoir. 




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