Got a New Home? You May Face These Electrical Installations Challenges  

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Moving to a new home often comes with challenges. From the roof to the floor, you have to observe everything to find any irregularities. But when it comes to electrical installations, You have to be extra careful.

A lot of the house owners don’t put much focus on the electrical installations of their houses. But it’s one of the most important aspects of a house. Poor electrical installations can damage not only the integrity of the house but also cause life-threatening accidents.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of some electrical installation challenges you may face in your new home. If you live in any of the big cities such as New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, or in any of the smaller towns such as Palm Beach, Savannah, or Destin, See if you face any of these electrical problems in your new home.


Problems With Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers work as the first line of defence against short circuits. When too much electricity flows from a particular circuit, circuit breakers cause the circuits to trip and interrupt the electricity flow. This prevents several electronic devices from damaging and causing accidents.

But when the circuit breakers start to trip frequently, this can be a significant problem in your new house. In the worst-case scenario, your new house might have serious wiring issues. 

But you don’t need to panic; you can call a professional to look at the house and see if there is any electrical problem causing the circuit breaks to trip.

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Watch Out for Burnt and Cracked Switches

Burnt switches are everyday things in households, but these switches can cause some lethal accidents. If you see burnt switches in your new home, the wiring might have been a problem.

Cracked switches can cause even greater danger. Usually, switches are cracked in a short circuit.

So if you see damaged switches in several parts of your new home, you must call the experts to look at the electrical system in your new house.



Two-Hole Outlets

Most of us grew up with two-hole outlets in our homes. But in this modern era, two-hole outlets are the things of the past. The most significant disadvantage of the two-prong outlets is having only two wires. It means there is no grounding.

There will be electrical sparks whenever you try plugging in a device in a two-hole outlet. It can often cause damage and lead to accidents.

If you see two-hole outlets in your new home, change them to three-prong outlets. Three-prong outlets have an extra wire for grounding. So you won’t face any electrical sparks.


Breaker Box

When moving to a new house, your priority should be to see the house’s breaker box. By inspecting the breaker box, you can get a better idea about the overall wiring system of the house.

A messy break box is a bad news. Overcrowding the breaker box is never a good thing. Too many wires can cause the breaker box to underperform while providing electricity all over the house.

This can often cause a short circuit in the house. So you should diagnose the breaker box properly while moving to your new house.


Aluminum Wiring 

When you go to your new home, try to find out what wiring is used there. If it’s aluminium wiring, that’s not good news. Aluminium wiring is old technology and is considered backdated in modern days.

Although Aluminum wiring still has functionality, this is not a good option for safety. You’ll never know when they might fail and cause accidents. So, if your new house has aluminium wiring, it’s better to rewire the whole home with modern technology.


Poor Wiring

It’s not a nice view when you see wires sticking out of the walls in your new home. Loose wiring and outlets can also cause fire accidents.

Children or family members might get injured if the wires are kept loose. So better to call professionals for a rewiring.

You also have to be cautious about the size of the wire. The wrong size of wire can cause a fire if you’re not careful. The wrong-sized wiring can get overheated and can cause serious damage to electronic devices. So if you have to change the wires of your new home, make sure to buy a thicker wire which can sustain the load.

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Unprotected Wiring

You may have a lot of lights and bulbs in your backyard, But are they protected from the environment? Because electric wires can get damaged if they’re exposed to rough weather.

Check the lighting systems and wiring if your new home has a backyard. If the power box and outdoor wires are not protected or covered, your home might be exposed to severe electricity-related accidents.


Electricity Surges

No matter why electricity surges in your new home are not a good sign. Usually, drastic ups and downs in the power line cause power surge. 

We see power surges occur when there is a storm or a lightning strike. But the problem might be deep in your electrical wiring when power surges become a daily phenomenon.

Power surges reduce the longevity and performance of many electric devices. Frequent power surges damage several electronics which were plugged in at that moment.

So in case of power surges, remember not to keep any of your electronic devices plugged in.




Moving to a new home can be exciting but risky. You need to ensure safety in several areas, and electrical installation is one of them. One of the main challenges is securing your new home’s electrical system. These above-mentioned challenges can give you a head start in preventing any unwanted accidents caused by electrical installation. Moving to a new home? You can choose the best removal companies according to your budget and preference.

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