Green Deal Energy Efficiency Roll Out

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Green Deal is a government-backed scheme aimed at encouraging the installation of energy efficient measures it can help make home improvements in number of areas from  insulation, renewable energy, super-efficient boilers and double-glazing being to name but a few.

Inteb is now one of 24 Green Deal Providers across the country and is a commercial real estate expert, as well as specialising in hard-to-treat properties. As a Green Deal pioneer, it has embraced every stage of Green Deal, setting up its own panel of highly skilled Green Deal Advisers and Installers. It offers first-class Green Deal training courses for those wishing to fill such roles and also provides the finance packages that underpin Green Deal.

Inteb can now send one of its highly trained and approved Green Deal advisers into properties, both domestic and non-domestic, if the property occupier requests a Green Deal Advice Report. This is the start of the Green Deal process for the occupier. Inteb can handle domestic Green Deal requests in the North West and non-domestic requests nationwide.


From March 2013, Inteb will be able to complete the contracts for properties requiring low energy solutions to help save energy and money, once Green Deal finance packages are in place.


The Green Deal Advisor’s role is to assess which measures can be implemented to make a property more energy efficient and outline these in a Green Deal Advice Report. The measures can only be implemented if the cost of installing the low energy solutions is less than the saving that will accrue once they are installed. This is known as the Golden Rule.


If the Golden Rule is satisfied, a Green Deal Plan can be adopted by the property owner, subject to getting all the necessary consents. The Plan will set out the agreed amount of a loan that will be offered to the property owner, along with details of the interest rate and the repayment term.


No money has to pass hands up front, as the cost of the improvements is taken as a charge on the electricity bill going forward. The charge also stays with the property and not the individual owner and can be staggered over a period of up to 25 years.


Its ability to play such a major part in the initiative is down to the vast experience of its team of low energy solutions and sustainability specialists and consultants. It already handles low energy retrofits in client properties, as well as offering carbon emissions reporting, compliance and energy certification services, life-cycle planning for properties and a wide number of other services. The full range of its services can be found at


Inteb’s CEO, Philip Hargreaves, says: “We had a soft launch of Green Deal in October 2012, but now we are heading into the exciting period in which Green Deal can roll out and start to make its impact, significantly lowering energy usage in Britain’s older housing stock and helping property owners save money on their energy costs.


“This new phase of Green Deal also offers significant job opportunities for trained and accredited advisers and installers, so we would urge anyone with the right skills to get in touch and see if they can join our nationwide panel. Skills requirements are given on our website, but we also offer high quality training to up skill those seeking a new opportunity”.



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