Here are the Things You Should Check Before Moving to Paris

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Paris is a beautiful city, especially when it comes to a luxurious lifestyle. From being the city of love to the city of fashion and art, it is an experience that nobody should pass up. So, if you’re considering living in this incredible city, we’ve collected a list of things you should look into before moving to Paris. 

Visa requirements

It goes without saying that issuing an entry visa is a staple for your moving plans. Depending on where you’re coming from, you could find that you need a specific entry visa in order to stay permanently in Paris. If you’re coming from outside the EU, then you’ll need to prepare your visa documentation in advance as it is essential in order to be allowed to stay in Paris. 

Buying an apartment 

Before you move to Paris, you need to do your thorough research in terms of not only where you will live, but the area you should consider moving into as well. When buying a luxury apartment in Paris, you’re not just buying a place to live, but a lifestyle. With Paris being a city that offers world class restaurants, high end fashion, historical landmarks and a whole lot of culture and art, the area you choose to live in can make a huge difference in the entire lifestyle you’ll be experiencing in Paris. So, before you make the move, it is important to get familiar with the areas, and make sure you choose somewhere that offers the experience and lifestyle you’re looking for. 

Healthcare systems


The French healthcare system provides health care for those who have been living or working in France for a minimum of three months. Once you’re eligible for their health care system, you will be issued a health card which gives you the opportunity to claim back up to 70% of your health care costs. That’s why before moving to Paris, it is essential that you investigate the different expat medical insurance systems available to check what you’ll be eligible for and what your alternative options would be. 


One of the things you’ll realize when you move to Paris is that everything takes time to be issued. Even if you’re opening a bank account, it isn’t a piece of cake and will require proof of documentation. That’s why it is important to get familiar with the criteria necessary to get your documents in check and start the process as early as possible to guarantee that you have a source of income when you arrive in France. Getting familiar with the process will also ensure that you don’t miss requesting any important documentation from your country that would otherwise take a lot of time to gather. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and be as prepared as you can be. 


If you’re not moving for a job already, you should start looking for one before you arrive in Paris as the cost of living can be quite high. With things usually taking time in Paris, you’ll find that the earlier you start the job-hunting process the better as it will definitely take longer than you can anticipate. Get familiar with the options available, what the market has to offer and the skills you need in order to work within the field. You’ll also need to check whether or not you’ll need to get your degree translated and, in some cases, you might even need to get your degree accredited by taking an exam or extra courses to ensure that you’re eligible to work in France with your degree. For that reason, it is advisable to check the necessary requirements and be prepared ahead of time instead of wasting time when you get there. 

When it comes to language, depending on the field you’re applying to, you might need to have a specific level of fluency in French that allows you to communicate with colleagues within the workplace or the customers you’ll be dealing with. Finding out the language requirements will help you get a head start by taking courses in advance to find a job easier. In all cases, it is recommended to at least have a basic knowledge of the French language before you make the move as the French are known for their dislike of using English even if they understand it. However, the younger generation has become a bit easier when it comes to communication if you find yourself struggling. 


Moving to Paris sounds like a dream come true. However, in order to make the move as easy as possible, it is best to be prepared and know what you’re going to deal with. So, make sure you’ve done your research and have everything planned in order before you leave. 




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