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The Minim – Single phase

An Electricity Monitor provides you with a real time estimate of your energy consumption. This simple to install device can save around 10% of your electricity bill annually. The simple to read display not only shows in real time what your consumption and costs are but you can see your historical consumption and costs figures.

It is a simple black and white screen that clearly shows the total amount of electricity being used. It can display this information as units of electricity, CO2 emissions or £0.00.

 £34.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)

The Humm features:

  • Instantly see what levels of electricity are being used currently
  • View historical usage up to 30 days
  • Target bar that encourages energy efficient behaviour
  • Quick and easy to self install
Q. How accurately does it measure electricity?
A. This monitor is not meant to reflect your bills but is over 95% accurate. When you are looking at live electricity consumption in pounds and pence, this is showing you very accurately what you are spending.


Q. Can the Minim be battery powered?
A. No, it is mains powered only.


Q. How much does the Minim cost to run?
A. Less than 1p per month.


Q. How does the Minim work out what I am spending on electricity?
A. You will enter your tariff details from a recent bill onto the Minim so it can calculate the cost.


Q. How long will the Minim record data for?
A. Up to 30 days will be stored but you will be able to see recorded information for the following times; yesterday, today, last 7days, last 30 days.



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