Home Improvements That Sell Your House For You

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Are you going to relocate? Move across town? Start a new life? Well, you are probably busy prepping and planning. From packing your things, switching your utilities, looking for a moving truck and visualizing your new home, your time is well consumed. Not to mention, you are probably selling your house.

If your house is on the market, then 2019 is for you. It is forecasted that this year will be a record-breaking year for home real estate prices due to several favourable economic factors. In 2017, around 5.51 million houses were sold. That is a staggering number.

On average, a house is available on the market for around two months. It will sit on the market longer if it is overpriced or in bad repair. The longer it is on the market the less attractive it looks for buyers. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your home sell itself.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

You might need to renovate a few things in your house, but you need to prioritize the bathroom and the kitchen. According to most realtors, potential buyers decide whether to buy a house or not by the first impression. The bathroom and kitchen areas are the best place to make a big impression. It is the space that most stands out after an open house.

Make sure to redecorate your bathroom and kitchen area. Give it new life by installing wallpaper or painting walls. Cabinets and countertops can also change the room.

Energy Savers

Our society has steadily become more conscious about the environment and ways to protect it. Due to this movement, people have become savvy about energy saving technology that they can incorporate in their life. A house with improved energy efficiency and saving capabilities tend to sell with a higher price and faster time.

Improving the HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning units in your house can increase the value of your house. Not only that, it can entice potential buyers to check your property. Make sure to leave them with the proof of how energy efficient your house is by highlighting those items . Other tips to improve energy efficiency include:


  • installing window shades
  • changing light bulb to LED
  • installing programmable thermostat

Create Space

If you are serious about investing money in order to increase the resale value for your home, creating more space in your house is the way to go. If you can add onto your home to add square footage to your home a bathroom is a way to go. Adding a bathroom can pay you off as much as 81% while an attic bedroom can add 73%.

If you cant add onto your house, try to find a way to open up space. Buyers like to see open floorplans and also like to see bonus rooms or playrooms.

Make sure to hire a competent contractor that is known for quality and safety. You will be liable for an injury that happens on your property. Personal injury suits can expensive. You also want to know that your project is done correctly and will add value to your home. Low quality work can actually lower your value.


The right flooring in your house adds glamour, class, and colour into your living space, but when they have become outdated, they can scare away buyers. Make sure your carpeting is new and in style.

The best bang for your buck will be hardwood flooring. There are many affordable options. Hardwood is attractive to people with kids, pets, or allergies. On average, hardwood floors can add as much as $5,000 to the value of a $200,000 overall home price.


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