Home renovation mistakes

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Depending on the age of your property, and depending on how well looked after everything from the foundations to the roof have been, you can expect your home renovations to go to plan probably half the time. The rest, is, well, anyone’s guess. You could uncover a host of problems waiting for you at every turn. And each of those problems will set you back in terms of time and money. No one said it was going to be easy. But the pay off is certainly worth the effort in the end. 

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the more common home renovation mistakes, helping you sidestep the issues that have long since been reported by millions of people who have gone before. 

Overlooking your outdoors

Home renovations begin at the parameter of your property. If you have not yet upgraded to using outdoor LED lights, for example, your garden is probably a dull and dingy waste of space that you are happy not to promote under LED lights come the evening. 

The fix can be fast and simple. Clear out your garden. Take the time to clearly outline lawns and pathways. Install a seating area. Boom, you’re done. Almost. You need to add lighting. Why? Because lighting brings security and a homely touch. Darkened night time gardens look unloved and unrenovated. Spend a little time working on your garden and light it up to show it off. That is truly where all home renovations should begin. 

DIY that goes wrong 

Home renovations bring out the budding builder in all of us. And if not a builder, sometimes a plumber or electrician. But beware, regulations mean that important tasks must be carried out by professionals. A common failure here is to try to do everything yourself. Don’t do it. You could land yourself in deeper trouble than you can imagine. 

By all means, change a tap or install a lighting fixture. But if you’re planning on major plumbing work or if you want to replace the mains electrical box under your stairs, always call for specialist help (otherwise, you could be breaking the law!). 

On another note, you might want to call in professional help with anything that requires genuine artisanal flare. The last thing you want to do is waste two consecutive weekends building a backyard pergola only to have your neighbours ask why you have built a child’s playtime teepee at such a ridiculous height. If it’s meant to look nice, perhaps pay someone who knows how to do just that. 

Skimping on costs and quality when things become stressful 

Home renovations take forever. They really do. For big jobs, you’re looking at maybe six months to a year. And for your whole home? Two years or evenings and weekends. 

Be prepared for the psychological strain that comes with renovations. Otherwise, you will find that months from now, you will look around and think, “this should have all been done by now, surely?” and you will start to rush. Stay calm, plan everything, and always settle for only the best. 

Inadequate planning

It is vital that you thoroughly plan your home renovations and consider what may go wrong in the process. You need to ask yourself why you’re renovating your home, what you want to achieve, and when by. This way you can work out how much money and time you will spend on the project, and it won’t disrupt your life too much. If you are giving your home a total overhaul then the likelihood is it’s going to be stressful. 

Make your life that bit easier by setting yourself small goals to achieve and reward yourself for getting to each one, even if it’s just something like painting a bedroom or putting together some Ikea furniture – these are achievements! As well, don’t be disheartened if you’re not hitting each and every goal on time, as home renovation projects can be unpredictable. Just make sure that you reset the goal and try to be as realistic as possible with your timescales – without a rough idea of how and when everything is going to take place, a lot of people just never get around to completing DIY tasks. Plan, plan plan – and stick to it as best you can!


Ref number: THSI-2287

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