Home Sale: 7 Effective Tips to Increase Your Property Value

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Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or not, it is crucial to know ways to increase your home’s value. You can do numerous steps that are cheap and effective in helping increase house value.

If you want to pull your asset to the top of the list, knowing how to increase your property’s value is vital. Having the know-how is a critical factor in guaranteeing the highest profit when you decide to sell your house. Here are seven easy steps to increase the value of your property before putting it up for sale.

Add More Space

Generally, you can earn more profit by selling a larger house. Thus, adding more space to your home can dramatically increase its value. To calculate how much you can earn per square foot you add, you can use devices, such as selling a house calculator. You can make your home larger by taking down particular walls or adding another bathroom in a convenient area.

Double-glazing Windows

Double-glazing is currently viewed as an essential part of a home by numerous buyers. Moreover, double-glazing your windows will help increase your property value. If you are remodelling a vintage house, you should try to base it on the house’s style, or else you could wind up reducing its value.

Even though old windows need to be replaced, they should be switched out for windows with a replicate design. However, it is vital to double-glazed them so that they can meet the latest building regulations.

External Wall Repair and Painting

The primary impression that a possible buyer will have is based on the outside of your home. Thus, it is essential to make sure that your house looks pleasing to the eyes both inside and out. Houses that seem ugly, broken down, or old is undoubtedly unacceptable. But don’t worry! Adding a new layer of paint can make your home look modern, new, and appealing. However, you should try to avoid excessively bold shades if you don’t want your house to stick out like an ugly sore thumb.

Aside from giving your house a paint job, you might also need to scrutinize the outside of your home for noticeable indications of damage. Doing these small upgrades can make a house look brand new without needing to undergo a large-scale renovation.

Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

Air quality is not based solely on the conditions outside the home. If you own old carpets in your house, they may be hiding allergens and contaminants. The primary step you need to take to determine whether your carpets need to be replaced is hiring professionals to test the air quality inside your home.

If the outcomes indicate that your carpets need replacing, pick environment-friendly items, like laminated or tiled floors. Floors with hard surfaces tend to be easier to clean and don’t trap odour. In general, it also gives your house a more updated look, which is more appealing to potential buyers.

Install gas heating and appliances

Gas appliances are one of the most loved home components for various reasons, including the fact that they’re very efficient. Flame-effect fires and gas heaters provide all the comfort and warmth of a wood heater without the risk of fire.

Installing gas ovens and cooktops increase the value of your kitchen. Moreover, it is frequently chosen over electric cooktops and ovens because of its capability to produce an even temperature and instant heat compared to ones that run on electricity.

Make it low-maintenance

A lot of potential buyers stress over purchasing a house that will require constant repairs. Thus, it is recommended to replace significant components, like water heaters and furnaces, before selling it. Ensuring that these components are in good condition will prevent fears of future emergency repairs and help you sell for a higher price.

Renovations that make things effortless to maintain and clean will also help increase your home’s value. Try replacing carpets that stain easily with hardwood floors.

Prioritize curb appeal with landscaping.

Landscaping is likely the easiest and most effective way to raise the value of your home. It is also one of the cheapest steps that homeowners can use to increase their property’s value dramatically.

Try to plant native trees and young shrubs strategically to help cool your lawn and raise your home’s value. Also, replace annual flowers or plants with perennials to make your property colourful all year-round. However, installing synthetic turf and gravel-scaping is not recommended.


The most obvious choice to increase your home’s value is undergoing large-scale house renovations. While this might be true, it is not wise to disregard the small values added through various basic cosmetic and structural repairs. With the correct information and a tad bit of hard work, it’s achievable to significantly raise your property value.



Ref number: THSI-1930

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