Homeowner Woes: When To Call A Professional

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Becoming a homeowner is a wonderful accomplishment. It, however, is an accomplishment which comes with a great deal of responsibly. Namely, it comes with the responsibility of deciding when a project is a do-it-yourself project and when it merits reaching out to a professional. From electrical to HVAC to plumbing, it is in your best interest to know when you need a professional hand.

Plumbing Problems

Unless you have plumbing experience, plumbing problems almost always warrant reaching out to a professional. While you can click here to learn about different types of sewer piping and how they relate to your plumbing problem, the knowledge still won’t make you a plumber. This knowledge will just make it easier for you to understand the problem and what the plumber you hire will need to do to resolve it.

Naturally, however there are some problems which call for reaching out to an emergency plumber such as WPJ Heating for an immediate fix. Some common emergency plumbing problems include:

  •  Overflowing toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks
  •  Frozen pipes
  •  Leaking water heaters, washing machines, or dishwashers
  •  No hot water
  •  Sewage back-up

Water Damage

While water damage can sometimes be caused by a plumbing problem, it can also occur after a rain storm. A storm causing water to flood and linger on the inside or outside of your home can turn into an expensive problem. In the right environment, mold and mildew can begin to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours. If water has flooded into your home, you need to call a water removal expert as soon as possible.

HVAC Problems

A faulty HVAC system can turn into a dangerous problem. As a homeowner, it is important for you to be able to spot signs your HVAC system needs the attention of a professional.

Keep an eye on your HVAC system and if you spot moisture or corrosion in or around the furnace, heat pump or AC unit, you need to contact a professional. Don’t be tempted by products on the market that claim to assist in resolving this problem as said products only tend to put a bandage over the issue without resolving the problem.

Electrical Problems

Similar to plumbing, electrical problems are almost always out of the skill set of a typical homeowner. Some of the more common household electrical issues can include:

  •  Light bulbs frequently going out
  •  Flickering lights
  •  Dead outlets
  •  Warm fixtures
  •  Frequent breaker tripping

Electrical issues around the house justify an immediate call to a professional for assistance as they can double as a safety hazard. Ignoring a faulty wire or a warm fixture can result in a house fire. As you can imagine, the bill associated with paying the electrician to fix the problem is always going to be smaller than the bill associated with replacing what was lost or damaged in the fire. And no amount of money can replace a child or other loved one killed in a fire.

Vigilant homeowners are going to pick up on is problems around the home that are often times better resolved by an expert. Unless you or your spouse happens to be a contractor, handling electrical, plumbing, water, or HVAC problems on your own frequently creates more, and more expensive, issues than it will solve.


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