How long should a roof replacement take?

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A roof replacement is not something many homeowners look forward to. However, despite your best intentions to maintain your roof regularly, the roof may have reached the end of its useful life, or it may have suffered damage due to a weather event. In those cases, a roof replacement becomes a necessity. 

It pays to know how long to expect this task to take before subjecting your family to what you imagine will be a lengthy project that will disrupt your life.

Average Time for a Roof Replacement

If your roof is 3,000 square feet or less, you could have it replaced in a single day. If it has some architectural features, chimneys, and some areas that are hard to reach, you could be looking at three to five days. Weather can also play a role in delaying the completion of a roof replacement, extending the project until it improves. Depending on the complexity of your roof and the weather of the area, it could take up to three weeks.

Other factors that may play a role in the timeline are:

The Complexity of Your Roof 

The complexity of your roof will not only affect how many days a replacement will take, but it will most likely also add to its cost. So, if your roof has many facets at different angles, valleys, hips, or a steep pitch, it will take longer to replace than a simpler roof.

A complex roof also entails more safety precautions for the roofers. When they are higher off the ground, they may move more carefully and take longer to finish the job.


Your roof needs to be easily accessible, particularly when it comes to tearing down the old roof and disposing of the debris into the dump truck. If materials need to be carried through the backyard between trees, it makes the job more complicated and longer.

If your house does not have a paved driveway, if there is a fence close to the home’s structure, or if there is too much landscaping, your roof will be hard to access. The delay may range from a few hours to a couple of extra days.


It is impossible to predict the weather to the minute. A sunny day may turn rainy in the blink of an eye. If contractors are working on your roof when it starts to rain, they may have to tarp it to prevent it from getting damaged and come back to finish the job once the weather allows.

Also, if you start your roof replacement in the summer, in all the heat and humidity, it may take longer to finish than if you replaced it some other time of the year. Talk to your roofing contractor to confirm whether hot and humid days will play a role in delaying the completion of the project.

Safety During a Roof Replacement

Even if there are no delays in your roof replacement, you still want to take proactive actions to minimize the disruption to your family life. Remember that there will be people working all-around your property and that their trucks and other vehicles will occupy your driveway:

Protect Kids and Pets

It will not be safe for kids and pets to be running around your backyard while the roof is being replaced. Make plans for them to spend the day indoors or take them someplace else until the new roof has been installed.

Cover Backyard Furniture

Whatever you usually have in your backyard needs to be covered or put in a safe place. Any furniture, kids’ toys, and anything else that you keep outside your home should be put in your garage to prevent it from getting damaged accidentally.


If you have big trees that reach the roof, it may be a good idea to have them trimmed before the crew starts the job. If you are concerned about your landscaping and debris from the roof falling on it, take the time to cover and protect it.

Whenever you need new roofing Hollywood FL, following all the steps outlined above will ensure a seamless new roof installation that your loved ones will enjoy for many years to come.

Ref number: THSI-2463

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