How Much Does Interior Design Cost?

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Interior design involves the knack of enhancing the interior of your home to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for you to enjoy. Interior design is multifaceted and requires conceptual development, space planning, and overall design. 

Interior designers estimate material requirements and costs and present the design and quote to clients for approval. Interior designers will advise their clients of interior design factors, including space planning, layout and utilization of furnishing, color coordination, and equipment. When the client selects a design, the interior designer will purchase furnishing, décor, accessories, and artwork. 

How Much Does Interior Design Cost

If you are considering hiring an interior designer, like A&S Home Interiors, it can cost between $2,000 to $5,000. The cost of interior design encompasses much more than choosing the right paint colors, or accent pillows, such as:

  • Designing each room to maximize space
  • Purchasing and arranging the installation of products 

An interior designer can bring numerous benefits to designing your home or updating spaces in your home. 

Basic Interior Design Questions on Cost

When you are trying to determine the cost of interior design, you need to have the answers to some basic questions before hiring an interior designer. 

  • What’s the project scope? What are you looking to have completed? Are you hoping to redo your living room with new paint, colors, and furniture, or do you need to update your bathroom? You need to be realistic and concise about the project you need to have done. 


  • What is the size of your space? The cost will fluctuate depending on the square footage of the area that needs design help. 


  • What is your maximum budget? The budget designers will really drive an interior design project are given. Before contacting an interior designer, make a list of what is needed and the spaces you want to have done. Always make sure theirs wiggle room in your budgets for unexpected costs, such as shipping, must-have pieces, or repairs.


Considerations that Go into Interior Design Costs

Interior Designers have different ways they might charge, which should be considered in figuring out the cost of interior design, such as:


  • Hourly Interior Design Rate – this is the easiest way to pay an interior designer. Hourly rates can cost between $50 to $500 plus per hour. This is a reasonable cost structure for smaller projects that might have limited time for the project to be completed. Cost per hour takes into account travel time, email or phone conversations, visits to your space, and shopping time. 



  • Flat Interior Design Rate – an interior designer can quote a flat fee for services depending on your project size and needs. The quote and contract from the interior design would list concisely what is included in the price. Most of the time, interior designer costs are based on a flat-rate structure since it is easier to estimate the work involved.


  • Interior Square Footage – this is when the fee is determined by the square footage of the project required. This fee structure is typically used with larger spaces, such as commercial projects or hospitals. 


  • Commission  – some interior designers will buy décor, furniture, and other supplies at a discounted price and then charge you the retail price. So instead of charging an hourly fee, they keep the difference in the retail price and their payment. Sometimes, interior designers will charge a markup fee as a tip ( typically 20%), so they keep a percentage of the total cost of supplies and furnishings.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you determined your interior design needs. Start by listing existing items you would like to keep or incorporate into your new design project. This helps the designer know what pieces they need to consider and incorporate and helps with keeping the budget in check. If you have a tighter budget, understanding your exact needs helps in finding an affordable interior designer. 

When you are picking an interior designer, you should research the designers and make notes of their professional certifications, training, and years of experience. Also, review their work portfolio and customer testimonials.  You want to make sure you are choosing a professional that delivers good interior design work on time and on budget. 

The cost of interior design does not need to break your bank account. Use the above tips, know the scope of work, see if there are existing pieces that can be reused, and know your budget to get what you want out of your interior design project.

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