How much does it cost to replace windows in a 3-bed House

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Several variables can impact how much you will need to replace your windows. When making your window replacement budget, you should consider how many windows you have, if you’re opting for double or triple-glazed windows, the types of windows you require, and the type of material you wish the frames to be made of. These are considered the biggest contributing factors that will impact the final price.

In the UK, double-glazing windows tend to be the norm. However, triple glazing is becoming increasingly popular. This article will discuss all the variables that will impact the final cost of your window replacement, focusing on three-bed houses in the UK. We will also break down the various styles of windows that can affect the cost of your window replacements.

What is the average cost of replacing windows in a three-bed house in the UK?

The first aspect we must consider is how many windows your three-bed property has, directly impacting the average cost of replacing your windows. In the table below, we have detailed the average amount of windows a three-bed semi-detached, detached and terrace property has and the corresponding cost of double-glazed windows:

Property type Typical amount of windows Average price range for double-glazed windows
Three-bed semi-detached 8 to 12 £5,000-£7,000
Three-bed terraced house 6 to 10 £4,000-£6,000
Three-bed detached house 8 to 12 £5,000-£7,000

In addition to the number of windows your property has, the desired window frame material will also impact your final price. The three common types of frame material are aluminium, uPVC, and wood. In the table below, we have outlined the average cost of double-glazing and triple-glazing windows depending on the frame material they are made out of:

Window frame material Cost per double-glazed window Cost per triple-glazed window
Aluminium £750 to £2,250 £825 to £2,700
uPVC £600 to £1,800 £660 to £2,200
Wood £900 to £2,700 £990 to £3,240

How the window frame style affects the cost of replacement

In addition to the amount of windows your house has and the material the window frames are made out of, the style of the window frame will also play a massive part in the replacement cost. Window installers like KLIC Home Improvements will offer you various window frame styles to fit the architecture and style of your home. Picking the perfect windows for your home can be difficult, but the window styles might include:

Casement windows

Casement windows are considered the most common type of window that you will see in any household. This window style features a hinge on one side, allowing you to open the window outwardly to let in fresh air. Casement windows are typically used in high-to-reach places because they are easy to open and shut. Due to the customisable options of these types of windows, they are suitable for both modern and older-styled homes.

Tilt & turn windows

The most unique window styles on our list are the tilt and turn windows. They are designed to open both at the top of the sash and inwardly on the side, with each option allowing different ventilation levels depending on the homeowner’s desire. This type of window is also considered to promote safety, as there is a limit to how wide they can be opened. Additionally, tilt and turn windows offer you the best opportunity to open your windows while ensuring that wildlife stays outdoors (although it is not guaranteed).

Sash windows

A sash window will not open on a hinge, and rather than swing outwards, it will either slide vertically or horizontally to let in fresh air. This type of window is easy to use, cannot be blown closed, and offers ventilation through the windows’ top and bottom. While this type of window can be utilised in different ways, it still features all of the necessary security and thermal performance aspects one would expect from their windows.

Bay & bow windows

The final types of windows that you may need replacing in your home are bay and bow windows. You may wonder the difference between a bay and a bow window.

  • Bay windows will feature a picture window between two other windows (of the same style) that frame it from either side. These windows on either side will also be set at an angle.
  • Meanwhile, bow windows are more rounded compared to their bay window counterparts, and they will also feature the same style of window in each section rather than having a different one in the middle.

Homeowners will install bay or bow windows for a variety of purposes. Primarily, they will let in more light than other types of windows, and they are also the only style of window on this list that can add additional space to the room in which they are installed. Additionally, they can also increase your property’s curb appeal, which can also positively impact your home’s value.


Several variables will impact how much it may cost to replace the windows in your three-bed house in the UK. From how many windows your house has to the style and material you wish your windows to feature. Not to mention whether you are looking for double or triple-glazing windows, with the latter improving your home’s energy efficiency levels (for a more excellent price). Whether you are looking for your dream windows or simply cost-effective replacements that will not break the bank, there are windows to suit any budget.

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