How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows in Your Home

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Properly functioning windows are crucial for safety, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. When your windows are damaged and you decide it’s time to replace them, it can be an intimidating project. 

Once you need a new window, there is not a lot of time to figure out your options and make a plan. A broken window makes you move fast. You may be wondering, how much does it cost to replace windows? 

The answer depends on quite a few factors. We’ve compiled some of the options and the average costs you may experience when replacing windows. 

What Are the Windows Made Of?

Windows and their frames are made of all different types of materials. Each material has different characteristics and benefits. You can choose the best choice for your specific situation and budget. 

The type of material the frame of the window is made of can have a big impact on the overall cost of replacing it. Let’s go over some of the most common frame types.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl is the most common frame type right now. These frames are very durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them functioning and looking nice. This material has a long lifetime, which is perfect for such a critical part of a house. 

The windows made with vinyl frames are typically in the middle price range, being very affordable. This is why they are so commonly found in homes. 

Fiberglass Frames

Some window frames are made of fiberglass, which is slightly more expensive than vinyl. This material has similar properties with a lot of strength and durability. Fiberglass is typically stronger than the vinyl so the frames can be thinner depending on the desired style. 

These frames can also be painted whatever color will fit the design. The cost is generally higher than vinyl because of their longevity.

Composite Frames

Composite combines different plastics, woods, or other elements with a resin to create a window frame that is similar to fiberglass. These frames can be molded to look like wood or shaped in a lot of different styles. 

This type of window frame is usually slightly cheaper than fiberglass because it’s not quite as high of quality, though the price varies depending on what is specifically used for that composite. 

Wooden Frames

Lastly, you can get window frames made of wood. These have become much less popular because they don’t have the same durability as the other options. 

They require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Wood frames are also generally more expensive than vinyl.

What Kind of Windows?

Another distinction that will make a difference in the cost to replace windows is the type of window.

Picture windows are the most common type. They open side to side and are used throughout a home. This type of window comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Since they are so common, they are pretty much right in the middle of the price scale. The size of the window will affect the overall price. 

Single-hung windows are also very often used in homes. This type of window opens vertically from the bottom. They are less expensive than picture windows, mainly because they are usually much smaller. 

Casement style windows hinge outwards like a door. These are much less common because they are more expensive than other options. 

Bay windows are one of the most expensive because of their size and fragility. These windows protrude out from the main structure of the house and often feature seating inside. 

There is a large variety of window types well beyond this list. The kind of window you are looking for will affect the overall replacement windows cost more than anything else. 

Who Is Installing the Windows?

There are a lot of home improvement projects that can be tackled on your own without professional help. Window replacement shouldn’t be one of them. It takes a lot of technical skills and knowledge to get a window installed correctly without breaking the glass. 

If a window isn’t installed correctly you can have some major problems down the line. Water leakage can cause mold and structural damage. Your energy use can also skyrocket if the windows are not sealed off.

It’s really important to use someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid further problems. Finding a local professional, like this company that offers window replacement in St Petersburg, can make all of the difference.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

When it all comes down to it, how much to replace windows just really depends on your exact circumstances. 

Windows come in such a wide variety from the shape, size, type of glass, kind of opening, and materials used. Each cost is slightly different. Also, the number of windows being replaced will change your overall price. 

It’s really helpful to know exactly what you’re looking for with your new windows before going to get a quote for the project. That way you can get an accurate idea. 

But, generally speaking, most people spend anywhere between $100 and $2,000 for a standard 3 bedroom home. The cost of the windows is what will vary the most. Then the cost for installation is usually between $50 and $100 per window. 

Why Get New Windows?

So after all that, how much does it cost to replace windows? The exact cost will vary depending on the options you choose.

It’s a major undertaking to decide to replace the windows in your home. It takes time to plan out and research what you want to do. Then it’s an investment to actually get it done. 

Even so, new windows can greatly improve the value of your home—not to mention the benefits of energy efficiency and safety you will enjoy right away. 

If you are looking for more ways to improve the efficiency and appearance of your home, check out our other articles! 


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