How Much Sound Insulation Does a Property Need?

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No matter where you live in the world, noise is present, and this can be frustrating and distracting if you live in a place with high volumes of traffic, entertainment venues, noisy neighbours or even noisy children!

Many of us actively seek a quiet life, but it can feel depressing when, no matter how quiet you are, the world around you seems to exist purely to disrupt you. Rather than putting up with this any longer, read on to find out how soundproofing can help.

How Soundproofing Works

Choosing to soundproof means taking action to reduce the amount of external noise that gets in as well as the amount of noise that gets out. From recording studios to commercial properties and even residential buildings, soundproofing is becoming more and more popular.

Soundwaves are created through vibrations and travel through the air until they hit something that stops them. Soundproofing provides a barrier that works hard to reduce and even stop sounds from being transmitted, resulting in a more peaceful life for you.

Stopping Sound from Entering Your Property

No matter where you live or the age of your house, external noise can affect you. The range of noises can be as simple as hearing children play and cars driving past to sirens and even loud conversations. Stopping these sounds from entering your home can be achieved by trying one or more of these solutions:

Insulating Soft Furnishings

If you want a quick fix, then purchasing curtains that offer insulation will help to dull noises that are coming into your home and provide you with a quieter night’s sleep.

Invest in a Thick Carpet

Rather than choosing wooden or stone flooring, invest in a thick carpet and underlay as this will absorb the sound coming in rather than enhancing it.

Install Insulated Panels

If the noise is really affecting your comfort levels, then you can also consider installing insulated panels to your ceilings and walls. These panels are easy to fit and will help to stop sound.

Stop the Gaps

Sockets, switches, windows and doors all break the sound seal, causing noise to reverberate around your property. Stop this by sealing any gaps and purchasing items that offer the best levels of insulation. For gaps that can not be sealed, consider installing covers to dim the nose effect.

Stopping Sound from Exiting Your Property

If you are keen to stop noise from leaving your room, then you can use one of the three following methods:

Sound Absorption – this is when you install acoustic insulation that works to absorb the sounds from the room. Typically, this type of insulation comes in foam boards or sheets that can be attached to the wall.

Noise Blocking – this method involves you adding additional mass to the structure of the room so that the sound created reflects inside the room and gets converted into heat. There are some safety and structural concerns with this type of absorption, and so it is not commonly used.

Decoupling – to decouple a room you need to put a space between the rooms you are insulating and then fill that void with soundproofing materials that can stop or significantly reduce soundwaves from travelling.

How Much Soundproofing Do I Need?

Working out how much soundproofing you need depends on the level of noise you are trying to block out. However, for a typical property with standard levels of noise, you should install up to 20% wall coverage to get the reduction you are looking for. For spaces with specific sound needs, then you should look to cover 25%- 35% of the walls. Also, consider the required amount for party floors to ensure the noise that travels between floors is minimised.

Which Rooms Need the Most Soundproofing?

When it comes to choosing which rooms to soundproof, you will need to look at the layout of your property to consider which areas are the most affected. However, many people will first look to get bedrooms and common living areas insulated as these are the spaces in which people spend the most time.

Final Thoughts

Living with excessive noise can be stressful, especially if you are unable to sleep or enjoy the rooms in your property without being disturbed continually. However, with some simple steps, you can both stop noises from escaping specific rooms in your home and reduce the impact of noises that enter your home. Soundproofing is an affordable and sensible solution that will support you to sleep and live a happier life.


Ref number: THSI-2087

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