How Study Room Decor Can Improve Student Performance

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High student performance, academic performance, and health are not possible without the rational organization of his workplace. Considering the territory as an educational resource, it is possible to raise very important questions: “Does it matter to the student what table and chair to sit at? Does the light and colour scheme in the student’s room influence his desire to do his homework? Does successful and productive work depend on a properly organized workplace? “We would like to note that the answers to these questions can increase not only the effectiveness of the activity itself but also provide comfortable conditions, which will lead to the preservation of not only the psychological health of our students but also physical ones.


Factors affecting the health and performance of a student.


Factor 1. Furniture.

Furniture should be appropriate for student growth.

There must be a place where you can store accessories. At home, you can arrange your workplace as you wish, but you need to consider that an excessive number of decorations may not be acceptable in the classroom interior design or in the future (at work). Feeling nervous when writing an essay in your workplace? It is a normal thing when you are working on your writing papers. Add a few changes to your decor and look for some inspiration. If there are no drawers on the table, get a small cabinet or hanging shelves.

Chair. The “right” chair must be with the back. And the correct chair is selected so that the feet are completely on the floor. And the knees were bent at right angles. It will also be very good if the height and angle of the backrest are adjustable. By adjusting the angle of inclination, make sure that the person sitting at the table does not lean too back and do not lean on the table with his chest.

The shape of the spine depends on the condition of the skeleton and the muscles surrounding the spine, shoulder and pelvic girdle. Even during the day, different muscle tone affects the size of the physiological bends of the spinal column. Strengthening of the physiological curves of the spine occurs for various reasons (decreased muscle tone due to the lack of systematic massage, gymnastics, physical exercise; lifting heavy objects, etc.)

The desktop is not primarily an interior item, but a work tool foк study. And it should be comfortable. The main rule when choosing a table – its edge should be a few centimetres below the level of the chest. So that you can safely rest on the edge of the surface of the table with your elbows. Between the edge of the countertop and the chest should be a distance of 8-10 cm.

Factor 2. Lighting and colour scheme of the room.

The interior of the room plays a truly huge role. It serves a student at the same time as a bedroom, a living room, and a study space.

Types of lighting.

Lighting: artificial (light spectra: blue and yellow) and natural.

Natural light through the window should fall on the left. The desk lamp should be placed in the left corner of the table. A desk lamp with a flexible leg is best suited for the desktop. The light should be optimal – not too dim, but not too bright. Lamp power is recommended between 60 and 80 watts. Inadequate lighting not only causes rapid eye fatigue but also reduces brain activity. However, too bright light also contributes to rapid fatigue. If we do our homework in the evening, one desk lamp is not enough. There should not be a sharp difference in lighting, so turn on both the overhead light and the table lamp at the same time.

Factor 3. Ambient sound background.

During mental work, the blood flow to the brain increases up to 10 times and the body’s oxygen demand increases. The presence of tobacco smoke, unpleasant odours or an excess of carbon dioxide in the air adversely affects performance. Do not forget to air the room before performing the work, and then every hour. The optimum air temperature in the room is 18-20 °C and in winter 20-22 °C. When performing the studies, it is necessary to turn off the radio, receiver or TV. The noise or music that accompanies the execution of tasks not only helps to disperse attention, but also causes headaches, irritability, increased pressure, a change in heart rate and a decrease in the acuity of auditory perception and, therefore, will contribute to good academic performance.


As you can see from the article, the organization of a student workplace is very important. Good lighting, a relaxed atmosphere and lovely scenery that will lift the student’s mood will positively affect his learning. After all, when you do not like and are not comfortable with your workplace, what kind of study motivation will you receive?

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