How to be prepared for living in premium residences in Damac Bay

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Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It can impress with its wealth and splendour even the most spoiled life of dollar millionaires, and some foreigners may even get scared of the scale of luxury. The new community Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai is one of the examples of what wonders of architecture are brought to reality in the emirate. However, along with luxury and wealth, there come specific peculiarities of lifestyle and norms of behaviour.

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country with certain beliefs and prohibitions. Some of them may seem strange and unobvious to Westerners. And, although the local authorities are usually loyal to tourists, it is worth studying these rules in advance to avoid getting into an awkward situation and not to spoil your vacation. Knowledge and respect for the local norms are crucial when you buy real estate and plan to relocate there. Let’s discuss the main prohibitions in the country.

10 strict prohibitions in the UAE 

The UAE is a specific country. So, it would be wise to relocate with decent preparation.

  1. It is forbidden to eat and drink on public transport.
  2. It is forbidden to take poppy seeds with you.
  3. You must keep your car clean.
  4. You cannot take photos of people without their permission.
  5. Dancing in public spaces is prohibited.
  6. You cannot take photos of road accidents.
  7. You cannot express your feelings openly.
  8. Cursing is banned.
  9. Drinking alcohol outside your home or hotel is forbidden.
  10. Wearing open clothing is impossible.

It is forbidden to eat and drink on the public transport 

Both residents and locals have no right to eat or drink on public transport or at the stops. A person who disobeys the law must pay a fine of AED 100.

It is forbidden to take poppy seeds with you

The UAE is very strict about drugs. Even medicines prescribed by your doctor can get on the list of narcotic substances. If you take it with you, you need a doctor’s prescription. Of course, it is not a fact that with a prescription, you can bring the medicine into the UAE, but at least the document will protect you from liability.

You cannot keep your car dirty 

The government of the UAE takes care of the overall atmosphere on the streets and maintains a pleasant impression of the country. For this reason, each car owner has to keep it clean and not spoil the picturesque picture of the residential complexes.

You cannot take photos of people without their permission 

Residents and tourists can be subjected to fines and even imprisonment because of taking pictures of other people without their permission. If such photos are published on social media, the punishment will be even more severe.

Dancing in public spaces is prohibited 

Dancing is allowed only in your residence or in licensed nightclubs. It is connected with the fact that expressing your feelings openly is unwelcome in this country.

You cannot take photos of road accidents

In addition to people, it is forbidden to take pictures of government buildings, military facilities, courts and palaces. The punishment for taking pictures of accidents and other road incidents is particularly severe: the acceptable ranges from AED 50,000 to AED 3 million.

You cannot express your feelings openly

Due to religious beliefs, it is not allowed to kiss or even hold each other`s hands in front of other people. Even married couples are prohibited from doing it. Remember that homosexuality is prohibited in the UAE, with penalties of up to 10 years in prison in Dubai and 14 years in Abu Dhabi. It is also forbidden to dress in clothes of the opposite sex.

Pornographic products of any kind are forbidden as well. It includes pictures of women in topless swimsuits and revealing clothes.

Cursing is banned

You should not swear in public places, behave aggressively, or show indecent or aggressive gestures. Inappropriate behaviour can lead to fines, imprisonment and deportation. It is not just about swearing and cursing but also about writing, for example, in social networks and messengers in personal correspondence.

Drinking alcohol outside your home or hotel is forbidden

On the private beaches of some elite hotels, waiters offer different drinks to the residents and bring alcohol directly to the chair. But walking outside your hotel in a state of intoxication and even with a hangover is not recommended. The fine can be very high – up to AED 2,000 or even imprisonment. It is advisable to drink alcohol only in your residence or in restaurants and bars where it is allowed.

Wearing open clothing is impossible

It is highly discouraged to walk on the streets of the Emirates in semi-transparent clothing; underwear should not be visible. It used to be necessary to cover the shoulders and knees, but these rules, except for Sharjah, are practically no longer observed. The police need more time to monitor the dress code.

Consequences of strict rules in the UAE

There is a very low crime rate in the Emirates, and many people don’t lock their doors at night simply because they know that no strangers will break in. Such a quiet life in the UAE is the result of strict rules.

Foreign investors are confident in buying off-plan in Dubai by obeying set norms. The government’s guarantees prove the developer’s reliability and high quality of the construction.

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