How to Choose the Right Roof for Your Home

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Home improvement projects can be a huge inconvenience, especially ones that can get expensive quickly. However, this is something all homeowners need to deal with eventually. Every part of your home needs to be updated at some point, and some are especially important, like the roof. If you’re thinking about getting a new roof for your home, you’ll want to be sure and choose the right type as it’s no small investment. Depending on where you live in the country, the typical cost can range anywhere from $5,376 to nearly $10,000, according to If you’ve never gone through the process of getting a new roof before, you might be feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. 

While changing or upgrading your roof can be costly, at the same time, it can increase the value of your home by about $12,000. Plus, if your roof is in poor condition, you’ll be preventing damage that could be very expensive to repair. When it’s time for you to get a new roof, you want to be sure you’re making all the right choices.

Following these tips can help you navigate the decision process and avoid possible regrets. 

Setting Your Budget 

The first step, and sometimes the most difficult, when starting a new home remodel or replacement project, is setting a budget within your limits. It can be really easy to get carried away with all the different options available, but setting a spending goal is a smart way to stay within your means. A new roof can be extremely expensive, but you might not have to pay for the whole thing yourself. If your current roof has a lot of damage, you might be eligible for roof replacement financing, which could alleviate a lot of their pocket financial burden. When you’re planning to get a new roof, but sure to look into what all of your options are so that you don’t end up paying more than you need to. 

Learn About Different Roofing Materials 

Depending on the type of roof you have, you might be limited as to which kind of materials you can use. Not all roofs have the same shape or layout, so it’s important to ask the advice of an experienced roofer or designer what type of materials you’re able to use. For example, slate and tile are very heavy and may not hold up on homes with steep angles on the exterior. Where you live can make a difference in what materials will be best for your home as well. Certain roofing materials hold up better in certain weather conditions, so you want to be sure your roof is practical for where you live. This is especially important for those who live in areas where you have a higher chance of experiencing a natural disaster.

Think of the Future

Not everyone plans on staying in their current home forever. Whether you plan on this being your forever home or if you want to move out eventually might affect what type of roof you get. Different roofing materials last for different lengths of time, and more expensive materials tend to last much longer. Some roofs only last around 20 years before they need to be replaced, so if you plan on staying in your home longer than that, you’ll need to replace it again eventually. This might make it worth it to spend more on rood now and not have to worry about it in the future. However, if you’re certain you’ll move out before then, the cost of a new roof that lasts several decades longer might seem like a waste of money.

Let Your New Roof Represent Your Style

 A new roof can be an opportunity to express yourself. Given that a roof is almost half of your home’s exterior, adding your own personal touch can be a great way to get creative. While a roof may be an essential safety feature, with so many styles and colors when it comes to shingles available today, you can make it reflect your own personal style for the home makeover of your dreams. Even if you only have a few materials to choose from, you might be able to choose from a few different colors. This is a great way to find something that works well with the rest of your home. If you’re going to spend all this money on a new roof, you want to at least like the way it looks.  

Learn Roofing Terminology 

Before you get too deep into shopping for roofing materials, it’s important to learn the language of the industry. Since this isn’t something you have to deal with often, there’s a good chance you might not understand some of the terminology roofers use. Most roofers don’t speak in terms of square feet, they measure things in “squares.” One square is the equivalent of 100 square feet, which is good to know before any serious discussions take place. Knowing the right terms for everything will help make sure you and the professionals you are working with are on the same page, so you always understand what’s going on.  

Evaluate the Lighting 

The colors you choose for your new roof can be impacted by sunlight, so it’s good to determine if the scheme you choose will look good at all times of the day. To run a test, take your samples outside in the morning, afternoon, and evening to see how much or little the sunlight changes the hues over the course of the day. Some people find that the shade they think they’re buying looks great all day long when they actually only like how it appears in the morning light. This might seem simple, but you don’t want to overlook anything when getting a new roof. You don’t want to spend thousands on a new roof just to realize right after it’s installed that it’s not what you wanted. 



Ref number: THSI-2149

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