How To Find A Good Exterior Siding Contractor

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The siding of your home is considered an aesthetic element that further enhances its curb appeal. At the same time, it also offers invaluable protection against harmful entities. You want to ensure a professional property siding contractor replaces old and damaged siding. Professional siding installers possess the knowledge, expertise, and tools to install several siding kinds, including fibre cement, metal, vinyl, or wood. This time, we’ll tell you how to find an excellent exterior siding contractor.

When employing a contractor for your siding cladding, it’s crucial to be diligent about it. Know there are several reputable home siding contractors with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to get the siding job completed. Yet, some in the industry still lack the appropriate credentials, leaving you with half-baked work. Here are the tips when hiring a siding contractor to avoid wasting money and time on siding installers who won’t complete the job right. Read on.

8 Important Tips On Hiring A Siding Contractor

When you need new siding installed in your properties, provide yourself with the options. Remember that siding makes up most of the curb appeal of your properties and protects them from harsh elements. Its appearance and durability have played essential roles in your home for several years. Therefore, it is just as vital that you find an experienced and high-quality siding contractor as much as reputable contractors need to find valuable siding leads. How can you find the best siding installer? Here are the tips.

1. Ask For Referrals

This step is as simple as asking your friends, neighbours, and relatives who have had their siding installed. Find out who their contractor was and whether these people are recommended to work on your properties. Also, seek information on their overall experience with the contractor. This is whether they got the desired results, whether the project was done on time and according to their budget, whether they were satisfied with the customer service, and more. Take a look at the finished siding on their property. Is it a quality job?

2. Research About The Company

During your research, you should read online reviews written by the previous customers of the contractors you are eyeing. Look for the company over the Internet and learn about their ratings from various websites that provide them. Visit the official websites of the contractors to learn more about them.

3. Obtain Many Bids

Moreover, it’s also great to get several bids or estimates for your siding project. Several siding installation contractors are willing to provide their clients with a free estimate. You may also let them visit your property to review what needs to be done and other specifications.

Beware of estimates that are way higher or lower than the others. This may mean they don’t understand the industry enough. It may also mean they’re lowballing the estimate to get hired immediately, only to provide work with less quality.

4. See References And Reviews

Request contact information of their other customers from contracts who they’ve worked with in the past. They must provide you with at least three references. When you see the references, ask these questions.

  • Timeliness or whether they completed the job according to the schedule
  • The accuracy or whether the job was conducted according to the client’s specifications
  • Costs or whether they stayed within the initially quoted budget
  • Durability or whether the siding stood the test of time
  • Customer services or whether the provider was responsive to the concerns of the client

5. Request For A Portfolio With Images

Prefer the siding contractor who can provide photos of the projects they’ve accomplished. If you want a specific type of project you need to be done, the before and after pictures will significantly help.

6. Seek For A Written Estimate

Take note: avoid hiring a contractor without a written contract. This contract must constitute all terms, exceptions, job details, and prices. It should also include the guarantee of workmanship. If the contractors don’t offer this guarantee, look online for siding contractors instead.

7. Get To Know About Permits

Several contractors have the necessary permits they got from applying for this in various institutions to carry out the repairs. Cover your bases by ensuring the contractor has the necessary permits or if it’ll be your responsibility.

8. Be Familiar With The Payment Plan

It’s been said that reputable siding contractors won’t ask for the full pricing of the materials and the installation upfront. Beware of those that do. If the contractor requests payment in full upfront, avoid hiring them.

Whenever you need a siding material installed in your properties, such as fibre cement siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, and more, installing siding or the siding materials can be handled by the right local siding contractors. Finding a reputable contractor from siding companies who will take care of siding installations is easy. 

There are also many advantages when you hire a professional siding contractor, whether installing vinyl siding or repairing old siding. These advantages include more accessible and faster vetting, familiarity with local climate and building codes, quicker emergency response, having an extensive local network, getting quality service, and supporting the local economy. 

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