How to find student accommodation in the UK

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The United Kingdom attracts a big chunk of the student population through its flexible education system, research-oriented training, industrial exposure, pleasant summers, cosy winters, fancy monuments, and much more. With the perfect blend of modernism and history, the country is a dream destination for every international student.

But as you start checking off the list, you realize finding a safe and comfortable place to stay is the most important and the most challenging task of all. There are different forms to fill and negotiations to make before you can finally find the right home for yourself. We are here with a step-by-step guide to ease the process for you.

  • Start the hunt early

Most of the UK Universities have their terms starting in the fall season. If you wait till the last moment, you may end up in a shabby place. So, lay the groundwork in advance and reach out to people and agencies online. You can take help from the University to find leads in booking student housing. Talk to former students and watch student vlogs to better understand the student housing in the city you are planning to settle in.

  • Know the available student accommodation options

You have varied choices in the UK when it comes to the type of house to stay. If you want to take on adulting at a slow pace, you can opt for the halls of residence mostly situated on or around the campus. You can meet people and widen your network so that you don’t feel aloof in a new place. You can also move to a private apartment with your friends or move in with a local family. If you want to save yourself from the tedious paperwork and separate bills for each amenity, you can go for private student housing built exclusively for students with designated areas for sports, study, and refreshment. 

  • Book a house tour

Before you sign the deal, it’s wise to take a look at the accommodation yourself. It’s possible to do it either online or by paying a visit to the place. Private studios near the University of Warwick and Leeds University allow students to take a house tour to have a preview. During the tour, talk to the former tenants or the neighbours and collect more information about the neighbourhood. Get to know about the crime rate of the area to ensure your safety. You can view multiple houses before closing in on one. Don’t shy away from putting out the right questions and trusting your guts because it’s your call at the end.  

  • Be clear about the rental agreement

An ideal rental agreement must contain the tenure of stay, the rent amount, maintenance works, waste disposal, vehicle parking, and other bills. Read all the clauses in the contract and rectify all the doubts with your landlord or letting agent. Enquire about the allowance to sublet the house when you are away for vacation. Keep all the official intimation through mail or on paper, and maintain a copy of the relevant documents. If you have a guarantor, discuss the terms with them and make sure both are on the same page. When you move in, cross-check with the inventory to make sure you are given all the supplies and services as promised in the contract.

  • Prepare the required documents

For booking student accommodation in the UK, it’s important to prove your intentions are genuine. You have to present relevant documents, including your permanent address, bank statements, conflicts of interest, admission letter from the University, and copies of your photos. In some cities, you also need a guarantor to proceed with the house booking to have someone to cover your rent if you fail to do so. Be careful while choosing a guarantor; reach out to someone you can trust with your personal and financial matters.

  • Find a roommate

Starting a new life alone in a new country can take a toll on you. So, it’s better to have a roommate who shares a similar vibe. Lay your criteria in place for finding someone who provides you with comfort as well as privacy. The company you have can make or break the whole experience. Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), like the student accommodation in Coventry, is made to promote social interaction and cooperation. There are social rooms and game rooms to hang out with friends and break from the hectic student life. You can also find roommates through University pages on Facebook or Instagram. 

  • Beware of housing scams

The housing sector has witnessed a hike in fraud companies and sites, especially since the pandemic. While some websites might ask for advance payments, some might contain the wrong or fake addresses. Some people might act as a middleman to the agency and use your data for monetary or other benefits.  To avoid the trap of fraudsters, book only through trusted accommodation providers and verify the listing before finalising the offer. Never make any transaction before you sign the agreement. Remember, you can visit many houses and have rounds of discussion until you find the housing that suits you.

  • Turn it into your haven

No matter how fancy or luxurious the house is, it’s only worth it if you feel safe and comfortable within its four walls. Once you have the right place and the right people to start an adventurous international life with, give it a personal touch and turn the place into a home. You can add fairy lights, beautiful paintings, or indoor plants to make it cosy. Once in a while, throw a nice party, have a quiet dinner with your roommates, and find your happy abode in a distant country.

How can Amberstudent help you?

We at AmberStudent are devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation worldwide because we apprehend its value. We have upgraded ourselves continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

Author: Arya Antherjanam V (SEO and Content Executive at AmberStudent)


Arya Antherjanam V, a postgraduate in Physics, dropped her research studies to take up writing full time. A content writer by day, a poet by night, and a performer on weekends, she believes that conversations can change the world. A member of different poetry communities and co-author of a couple of anthologies, she intends to impart light and hope through her words.



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