How to get more customers when selling houses

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Selling a home is difficult. It’s an asset that is worth more than most buyers’ net worth. Like with any product or asset, its value increases when demand increases. The best way to find yourself as the subject of a bidding war would be to increase the amount of viewings you get, so you have more potential customers. Of course, you need to convert these into sales with some convincing persuasion strategies too. This article will look at home to get more people through the door and view your home.


Social Media and other ways to spread awareness

Like everything, social media can be a great way to market a product. If you view your home as a product, you’ll start to see the “unconventional” ways you can market it. Social media is great for sharing, and your friends list on Facebook and Instagram is a good place to start. This is how the above raffle was so successful, because it was incredibly shareable. Likewise, if you get creative and include some great pictures, or even a story about the home, then you’re only going to increase the amount of attention and exposure to potential buyers.

But not only the Internet is a good way to spread awareness about your intention to sell your house. Especially when living in a busy and lively area with many people passing the house, it can make sense to place an eye-catching flag in front of the house to attract people’s attraction, as such an advertising material is impossible to miss even from a distance. Furthermore, it is likely that you’ll get many word-of-mouth recommendations and find even more people that are interested in your house.

Of couse you can also spread awareness by publishing not only on the Internet and in social media, but also in local newspapers.


Use an estate agent

Estate agents are professionals that will sell your home for you. They have a bunch of connections, websites and potential buyers waiting on the phone. In return, you have to pay them a commission upon selling the home.

Whether or not this is for you, there is one thing that is for certain: they get people through the door. They have a professional team that knows how to market your home, so you will likely be receiving good quality buyers too. The big takeaway here though is to not leave it entirely to them. Feel free to continue putting in effort to sell it, and they certainly won’t be designing the inside of your home for you.


Use professional pictures

Lots of potential buyers do browse real estate websites, and you need to stand out from the crowd. We are drawn to higher quality images because we feel they will tell us more information. Using a mobile phone camera isn’t really ideal here. 

It’s not just the image quality though. It may be worth getting in a professional to set up the space for the picture. This means maximising the amount of space in the home in the picture, framing it in the right way, and getting lots of light into the picture.


Design and clean your home for selling

As touched on above, you want to ensure the pictures represent the best version of your home. This means taking some time to think about what buyers want to see, not just yourself. If you have some wacky wallpaper that is very niche, then it might be best to forgo the acquired taste decor in light of some more popular, on-trend decor.

Likewise, ensure the home is super clean and light. This is because good impressions may lead to word of mouth referrals if the current buyer decides against it. Likewise, if it’s dirty and hard to sell, your estate agent isn’t going to recommend viewing it ahead of other, better presented properties.


Hosting a raffle for your home

This idea is a little crazy, but there have been successful attempts at pulling it off. The most recent example was just a few days ago on valentines day. A homeowner in the UK was struggling to sell their farmhouse for the £545,000 valued home. They gave up and decided to sell the property in a raffle instead, where the price of a ticket is £2 and the winner will be chosen at random. 

340,000 people bought a ticket, and the house was then “sold” for £640,000 — well above the previous asking price. Why did so many people purchase a ticket? It was a chance to live in an expensive, huge home, for the price of £2 (and the legal fees will be covered by the raffle ticket homeowner. The evidence behind this is that the winner, Jemma Nicklan, currently earns a low salary of £17,500. This home didn’t just get middle class buyers interested in it — the strategy included everyone. 


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