How To Keep Your Space Clean When You Own A Pet

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Humans have coexisted with domesticated animals for millennia. Our furry friends make our lives much better, there’s no doubt. Whether it’s cuddling at night, waking up to them each morning, or taking them for a walk each day, our animal companions bring us joy, love, comfort and fulfilment. Is anyone happier to see you come home each day than your dog? Does anything warm your heart more than your cat’s purring? The answer is usually no.

However, your furry friends can make keeping your home neat a challenge. Shed hair and muddy paw prints will dirty your house quickly. It can be hard to keep on top of. This helpful article will share the homemaker’s guide to keeping your space clean when you own a pet. Read on to find out more.

Invest in a Robot Vacuum

If you’re a pet owner, investing in robot vacuums is your first defence against stray hair, dirt and debris that your pet can cart in on their feet. A robot vacuum works excellently for spot cleaning and keeping your floor relatively clean. Then, once a week, do a deep, long vacuum session with your handheld vacuum, using the crevice tool to get into your home’s corners, nooks and crannies. By keeping this schedule religiously, you’ll maintain a spotless floor, which will go a long way to giving the impression of cleanliness in your home.

Invest in a Steam Mop

If you have tiled, polished concrete or another hard surface flooring (not timber), it’s well worth investing in a steam mop. Steam is, due to its high temperature, an excellent cleaning agent. Steam is an antibacterial and disinfectant and will work to keep your floor shining and shimmering. A steam mop is also perfect for cleaning up those muddy footprints that your pet creates during wet weather.

Some steam mop manufacturers also sell steam detergent, which you can mix in the water tank for an even deeper clean. Always follow the directions for use to ensure your steam mop’s longevity.

Only Feed Them in the Laundry

Another excellent tip to ensure your home stays clean with pets is only to feed them in the laundry. Keep their food and water bowls there, so the other parts of your home stay clean. This way, you only have to clean the floor around their bowls in one room.

In addition, you can spread some newspaper or a silicone mat down around their bowls to stop stray crumbs of food or water from splashing on your laundry floor. This tip will help to keep the area neat and clean.

No Pets on the Couch, Chairs or Bed

If you want to ensure your couch, chairs and bed all remain clean and fresh, instigate a no pets allowed on policy. You will keep your comfortable seating and bedding clean and free from dirt and hair by training your pets not to sit or sleep where you do. You’re not heartless, so buy a cosy bed or large cushion for them to sleep on, which can go on the floor in your living room. This way, they’ll feel part of the family as they get to relax where you do. You can bring their bed into your bedroom at night, so they get the comfort of sleeping close to you without being allowed on your bed.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Another way to ensure a clean house while living with pets is to keep them clean. You should groom your dog and bathe it once every one to two weeks. This will mean they carry less dirt and debris in their fur, which can drop off around the house and make it dirty. Also, wash them after trips to the park or beach or if they’ve gotten dirty or muddy during a walk.

If you’re a cat owner, you’re in luck – as felines are often fastidious about their cleanliness and will lick and groom themselves to stay clean.

Keep Their Belongings Clean

If your puppy has to chew soft toys and a favourite blanket or other soft items, wash these often. Chew toys can be soaked in an antibacterial liquid and rinsed off, so they’re safe to use, and fabric items can be washed in the washing machine. This will go a long way to ensuring your home stays clean, too.

Clean Up Accidents Quickly

If your pet is a pup or kitten, you’ll have to work to toilet-train them. In the meantime, there will be accidents. Quickly clean these up to stop stains from setting. You can get some excellent cleaning products to help remove urine enzymes from the carpet. For timber or tiles, use a disinfectant and some paper towels.

A Clean Conclusion

This helpful article has covered the homemaker’s guide to keeping your space clean when you own a pet. Follow these tips closely, and ensure a clean house for your family and furry friends.

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