How to Pack Art Supplies When Moving Your Art Studio

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Moving your art studio is no small feat. It is an emotional undertaking that will see you leaving behind a place you have come to love like no other. You know, the sun shines brighter in your studio, and you always feel happy when you paint in a specific spot. You are also leaving behind the place where several of your artworks first saw the light of day.

Then there is the technical part of moving your studio. You must consider various space-planning essentials for art studios in your new home. And before you can even do that, you must ensure that your art supplies arrive at your new studio in one piece.

Packing and transporting your favourite brushes, paints, and easels is more challenging than it sounds. Much planning ensures that everything you need gets to your new place. This guide will equip you with all the essentials to pack and transport your art supplies as safely as possible.

Preparation Is the Most Important Step

Before you pack a single brush, you must create a list of everything you own. Categorise your list into paints, brushes, mediums, etc. This list will help you ensure you only take what you need and that nothing gets left behind.

Speaking of taking what you need, do not pack dried-out paints and old brushes. It will take up space that you could use for something else. As hard as it is, throw out the paint containers with just a few drops left and toss the brushes with splayed bristles.

When you are ready to start packing, use only high-quality packing materials. Ideally, you want robust and thick cardboard boxes and steady plastic bins. Get packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing tape, and plastic wrap. Also, get labels for each box and bin to indicate which items are fragile.

Use Several Packing Strategies 

One packing strategy will only work for some of your art supplies. For example, you cannot just wrap everything in bubble wrap and hope for the best.

Instead, group your brushes by size or type. Wrap the heads in tissue paper and roll the brushes up in bubble wrap to protect the bristles. Tie a rubber band around each brush bundle and pack them upright in a box. Secure the bundles with crumpled packing paper or peanuts.

Paints and solvents should have a separate box. Close all lids tightly before wrapping each container in a bubble or plastic wrap. Then, pack them upright and use peanuts to keep them from shifting inside the box.

If you are moving canvases and artwork, use bubble wrap to protect rolled canvases and slide them into art tubes. For framed artwork, you can use corner protectors and bubble wrap to keep the frame and picture from sustaining damage.

Moreover, you can tie pencils and markers with cable ties or rubber bands. However, if you want to pack fragile items like charcoal sticks, you should wrap them individually using plastic or bubble wrap.

You will likely have to disassemble your easels and wrap each piece individually. Meanwhile, you can place your sculpting tools in a padded bag with individual compartments.

If you’re using a computer or drawing tablet to map out your artwork, you can pack these in cardboard boxes with plenty of soft padding. Just be sure to back up your digital art files first.

More Tips for Packing and Moving Art Supplies

If you are stressed out about your fragile art supplies, you can double-box them. Place the box with the supplies inside a larger box filled with peanuts or bubble wrap.

If your new studio is not ready for a few weeks, you need an essentials box. Add a few basic art tools and supplies to this box to keep you busy in your new home until then.

Before moving, taking photos of your artwork is essential, especially if it is valuable or of expensive art supplies. Having photo proof will be helpful if you need to claim insurance.

Hire professional movers to move your art supplies into your new studio for peace of mind. Choose a moving company with extensive experience handling art and fragile items.

Starting Fresh in a New Art Studio

Getting settled in your new studio can mean a whole new creative beginning. Allow your emotions to pay while you unpack and position your art supplies in their new spaces. And, before you know it, you will be hard at work on your next masterpiece.

Embarking on a journey into your freshly minted art studio marks the genesis of a new chapter in your creative odyssey. Embrace the moment as you acclimate to your surroundings, letting the essence of your emotions meld with the ambience of your space.

Unpack each brush, palette, and canvas carefully, imbuing every corner with the promise of artistic exploration. Soon, the familiar hum of inspiration will fill the air, propelling you towards the creation of your next magnum opus.

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