How to Safely Store Excess Stuff When You Are Selling Your House

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You’ve just listed your house for sale, and you’re wondering what to do with the extra pieces of furniture that are cluttering up your home. You don’t want to discard them, but you also don’t want to bring any of them back into your life once you move on. What should you do? This is a tricky question, but luckily, there are some solutions!

Rent A Storage Unit 

Make sure to keep all your belongings safe from thieves and weather by renting a storage unit. You can even self-storage with and ensure that given facilities are perfectly safe and secured. By renting a storage unit, your belongings will be protected from the elements of rain, snow, or sun if you’re renting for more than a week. 

Having these things locked up and protected is essential, especially if you have a lot of extra stuff hanging around your house. It’ll be one less worry for you to have as you prepare to sell! 

Quick Storage has many different locations and sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs – whether it’s a small unit or an entire warehouse! We also offer month-to-month leases, so renting a storage unit with us is easier than ever. Visit our website today and get started on the safekeeping of your belongings! 

If you’re like most people, then you probably have quite a few things stored in your garage. From bicycles to holiday decorations, there always seems to be something taking up space there. When it comes time to sell your house, everything needs to go somewhere else! 

Gather A Lot Of Boxes 

Ensure that you put everything in boxes before you move. This is particularly pertinent if the house will be vacant for an extended period, as it gives more protection to your staff and possessions against any damage or theft by opportunistic intruders.

If gathering a lot of boxes, try using seller’s tape rather than bin liners when packing breakable items such as glassware, etc., because this type of packaging can allow you to see what is inside without having to open up each box. To make sure nothing gets damaged, you should do the following:

  •  – Pad the bottom of boxes with crumpled paper
  •  – Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top 
  •  – Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper. You could also use a specialist packing product such as ‘Sofa Sack’, designed to protect furniture during transit.
  •  – Label each box clearly with what it contains and where it should be placed in your new home. This will help make unpacking much quicker and easier when you eventually get there!

If you have any valuables, consider storing them in a safe place (such as a bank vault) until you have completed the move. Remember, safety first! 

Ask Friends To Care For Your Valuables 

Your most valued items should go to a safe place when you are selling a house, and asking friends to look after your valuables is one way of doing it. If there’s an emergency, that friend will let the other people know where they can retrieve those items, so everything is covered if something happens while you’re moving out or on vacation.

The most prized possessions are the ones you don’t want to lose, so asking friends to care for them is a great option. If you’re not comfortable having people you know to take care of your stuff, ask a family friend or someone close to you and knows what’s important to you. 

That way, if something does happen while they have your valuable items in their possession, they can hand them over to the appropriate people instead of letting strangers take care of your valuables.

Find Reliable Movers  

The moving truck you hire should be reliable and reputable. Ask friends or family members if they have had a good experience with a moving company. You can also check online review sites to get feedback from others who have used the company’s services. 

Once you have found a reliable mover, be sure to ask about their storage facilities. Many movers have large warehouses where they can store your belongings until your new home is ready. This will ensure that your staff is safe and sound while selling your house. 

Are you looking for a reliable and reputable mover? Ask friends or family members if they have had a good experience with a moving company, or check online review sites for feedback from others who have used the company’s services. 

When you’re selling your house, you want your stuff to be safe. Make sure to rent a storage unit and have everything into boxes. All your most prized things should go to your friends and family members so they don’t get lost, and make sure you hire reliable movers that will guarantee the safety of your things. Good luck with moving!

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