How to Save Money on Furnished Apartments in Washington DC

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In a world where the prices are constantly rising, everyone is trying to be that little bit savvier with their money. When you need to take a trip to DC, whether it be for business, visiting a friend, or a much needed holiday, can you still save those pennies? Of course you can! But how, we hear you ask? With furnished apartments in Washington DC! You’re looking for style, substance and most importantly, a price tag that isn’t going to break the bank, right? Check out these fantastic ways on how you can save money on a furnished apartment in DC so that your trip isn’t compromised by money troubles.

Travel with someone!

If you’re really looking to lower the cost of your trip overall, then travel with somebody! Not only can your split the cost of food and other essentials, but you could halve the amount you’re paying for your furnished apartment too.


If your friends and family, or even your colleagues aren’t keen on the idea of travelling with you (especially if they’re aware that you’re trying to save money), then take to the internet and find someone who needs to find a space to stay in Washington as you do. Of course, you will need to make sure that this person is safe to stay with, but if all goes well, you could dramatically reduce the amount you’re paying and walk away from the whole experience with a friend too.

Choose your location wisely

With every town and city across the globe, certain areas will be cheaper than others, and you’ll have to do some research on which areas of Washington DC are cheaper to rent than others. Look at areas such as Takoma Park, Brookland, Downtown, or even Glover park for furnished apartments nearby so that you can secure a cheaper stay.


Not only should you look at the prices of your furnished apartment, but you should also look at the price of living in that particular area. Take into consideration your plans during your visit too. Are you going to eat out much? Will you be exploring tourist attractions in the area? Will you have to commute far? All expenses that come into your trip should be taken into consideration so that you can choose the right location for you. Choosing a cheap apartment miles away from everything you’re going to Washington DC for isn’t going to work in your favour, so it’s worth sitting down and doing the math.

Refrain from adding all of the extras

Like with most things, you’ll be able to choose extras with your furnished apartment such as cleaning services, use of the on-site gym and swimming pool, and even paying for a doorman to collect your post and take messages. While all of these are very tempting and would certainly make your stay very luxurious, do you really need them? Try and refrain from adding extras to your apartment stay, especially if you really don’t need them or think you won’t get a chance to use them.

Consider staying longer

This may sound very backhanded, but often companies renting out furnished apartments will (obviously) want you to stay longer, and offer a considerable amount of money for staying longer in their apartment. After all, if their apartment is empty, they’re not making any money from it! While you’re trying to be savvier with your money, why not stay longer if you’re not going to be paying that much more for say, another month in the wonderful city of DC? Who knows, you might fall in love with the city so much that you move there permanently!

Negotiate prices

Finally, and this is a big one if you’re looking to get the best price possible, negotiation with the landlord should be something that you’re prepared to do. We get it, negotiating prices is scary and may not even come into your mind in fear that your counteroffer will be rejected. However, as the saying goes, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get!”. Sit down and speak to the landlord so that you can sensibly negotiate prices and you’ll be surprised at how willing they are to lower the price a little! After all, as mentioned earlier, if their apartment is empty, they’re not going to make any money!


As you can see, with these tips, you could easily save on your trip to Washington DC! Most importantly, have a great time in the capital of America!


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