How to Set up a Home Office in Living Room

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Read on to discover practical and stylish ideas on how to set up a home office in the living room for a dedicated and efficient workspace here

When working from home, you need a private room or space to be productive. But you may not have the luxury of an extra room or the budget to separate the home office. In this case, a home office in the living room could be your best option.
Most living rooms are spacious and designed for the greatest comfort. In some cases, space may be invisible and skipping your attention. So, you may get stuck when setting up a home office in the living room.
Read on to discover practical and stylish ideas on how to set up a home office in the living room for a dedicated workspace.

  1. Try a Wall Mounted Desk

Sometimes your living room is too compact to integrate a living room desk area. Adding a desk and chair will eat up some valuable space in the room. Luckily, the walls are empty and you can come up with a creative idea to set up your office.
One of the most resourceful things you can do is mount a desk on the wall. A wall-mounted desk can fit even in the most unimaginable spots in your home. You can then layer it up with some floating shelves to keep the working area attractive and neat.

  1. Set up the Workspace Behind a Couch

If the living room is broad enough, it makes short work of setting a home office. You can rearrange the furniture to create some space or a home office in the living room. Depending on the size of your room, you can carve enough space to set up a working area.
There are several living-room office ideas to consider when setting up. The obvious one is to place a desk and a swivel chair for a functional space. You can also fit in a console table which allows you some storage space and room for decorative additions.

  1. Utilize the Unused Corner

Empty corners hold a lot of decorating potential. With a few extra touches, you can turn them into part of your interior decor. But if you have never considered corner decorations, why not use the corner space for a home office?
A home office in the living room should meet remote working productivity needs. So, don’t stress over an extra room. You can turn an ordinary corner into a stylish and productivity-boosting spot.

  1. Place the Desk in Bookshelf

Your bookshelf area can be the space source for your home office in the living room area. Most of the time, the area next to a bookshelf has enough space to allow movement and book accessibility. You can install your working desk right there without a sweat.
Another way to take advantage of the bookshelf area is to reconsider your shelf designs. The current shelves may be overusing space and you can replace them to create some workspace. Instead of ordinary shelves, consider space-saving floating shelves to integrate a home office.

  1. Maximize on Forgotten Space

Sometimes there may be a lot of unused space in the living room. To set up a living room office, audit your entire space─ especially when it’s small. The home office in the living room can sit next to a couch, below a staircase or near the fireplace.
Consider a compact setup that can fit in the found space. Whether it’s a small or large space, figure out a desk that can maximize the area and keep the interior decor neat.

  1. Go with the Living Room Flow

When your living room is large enough, you have the luxury to play around with the interior decor. You’re typically able to figure out several living room office ideas that can suit your needs and match the decor.
The best thing to do is to blend the home office with the rest of the furniture. Figure out a comfortable workspace that can complement your sitting room. If your interiors are rustic oriented, go for a similar workspace.

  1. Get a Portable Workspace

What if your space is too minimal and you can’t find suitable living room office ideas? Don’t let space slow down your efficiency. You can find a range of minimalist designs for a home office in the living room.
Think of a foldable desk that can extend to provide ample space for your laptop. When your all done with your day’s tasks, you can fold it back to give your room a natural look. The best part is you don’t have to disassemble the desk because you can roll it away for storage.

  1. Consider a Mini Workspace

Most of the time you can work in any available and comfortable space. But you don’t have to work on the couch. Instead, you can find a mini table that can fit your laptop.
Look for a small area in the living room that can accommodate a small desk and a stool or space-efficient chair. Consider a double-duty desk, a round table, a floating drawer or a lucite desk. These options can maximize your space and provide a setting that ensures productivity.

  1. Take Advantage of the Shelving Space or Wall Counter

Sometimes you don’t need a desk at all to set a home office in the living room. You can customize your shelving unit into a functional workspace.
Find a wooden board and install it on one of the lower shelves on your unit. Pull up your chair next to the rack and start to work.
The best part is you can conceal the chair next or under the shelf and restore your room’s decor. You can also mount a wall counter if you don’t have a floating shelf.

  1. Get a Wall Mounted Fold Down Shelf

When you’re in a tiny home or trying to save on space, a fold-down shelf can sort your home office needs. Here you’re basically setting up a shelf that can unfold down into a spacious desk or working space.
In case you can’t DIY, you can buy ready-made floating desks that you can fix on the living room walls. A floating desk keeps your office invisible and flexible to provide movement space.

A Home Office in the Living Room is All About Space

Above all, the home office in the living room idea you’ll pick will depend on your space. Whether you want an economical or a top home office design, this guide has the best approaches.
For more tips, check out our blog.

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