How To Slash Expenses When Selling Your Home

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Whether you’re selling a single home or multiple properties, you might be focused on getting a maximum price for your dwelling. However, that’s just one side of the equation. The other side is looking for ways to reduce costs and save money. That’s why you’ll want to take these few tips to heart.

Work With an estate agent.

If you’re trying to sell your house on your own, you are walking into a challenging landscape without a map. You might hit it right, or you might fall into a swamp. Instead, why not work with a qualified real estate agent who knows this landscape like the palm of their hand? 

They can help you evaluate your property, determine the best sales strategy, stage your home, and negotiate a great price. As you assess estate agents, look for a person you can relate to easily. Check out their communication style as well as their local expertise. Often, you’ll find that you can have a rewarding relationship and a less stressful experience selling your property.

Make Strategic Improvements

It’s a funny thing about improving property for sale. It would help to balance out the improvements you always wished for as a homeowner with what is best for your home sale. For instance, you may have always envisioned renovating your kitchen or bathroom. 

If you never got around to it, now may seem like an ideal time to go for this improvement. However, your money could be better used to paint the front door, improve the landscaping, or freshen up the entryway. In the long run, you could save your improvement plans for your next home—and even sell this property more rapidly.

Be Selective About DIY

If you are a hands-on carpenter, electrician, or plumber, there may be specific maintenance projects you can do with your eyes closed. If you are a professional, you may make different decisions about DIY projects. In simple terms, you may not want to spend your weekends and nights doing things that you don’t have the expertise to manage. Know your strengths, and be strategic about taking on DIY projects.

Reduce, Reduce, and Revisit

Many people realise that selling a property is a great time to lighten their load. This can lead you to join in with a mantra-like chant, “Reduce, Remove, and Revisit.” Reduce personal items from your property to help prospective buyers envision themselves in your home. For example, take out private photos, mementoes, and clutter from living spaces. Stage your home to be more like a hotel than your abode. 

Remove items that are bulky, clunky, and outdated. If you love your furnishings and possessions, look into a storage unit while you’re staging your home. 

Get removal quotes for oversised items such as desks, bookshelves, and cabinets so you can start creating from a more spacious palette.

If you sell one or more properties, it pays to have a more strategic approach to reducing and removing. Think of this as a time to revisit your shipping contracts. This is called 3PL, or third-party logistics contract optimisation in many circles. You don’t have to slog through this on your own, either. 

Experts in 3PL contract optimisation can help you with evaluating your current shipping contracts getting RFPs, or requests for proposals from other vendors. They can set up accountability standards for performance to track how much money you are saving on an ongoing basis. 

Time Your Sales

There are specific times of the year when houses sell faster in some locations. For instance, homes can sell faster in a seaside destination during the summer months. This is when families vacation and dream of returning every summer with their children and grandchildren. 

Springtime is the ideal time to put houses on the market in other areas. The flowers are blooming, the rains are subsiding, and the weather is warming up. People often decide to move when there’s a spirit of expansion in the air. The important thing about timing is to know what works for your location. Please talk with your agent to determine the best time to put it on the market. 

Houses tend to command higher sales prices when they sell quickly, so this can help you slash expenses. Plus, when one home sells fast, you won’t be paying for two mortgages simultaneously. And with these five tips, you can save money on selling your house—and have more profits to enjoy in your new home!


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