How To Soundproof Your Short-term Rental Property

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How To Soundproof Your Short-term Rental Property


Sanctuaries are built to serve their residents with peace. Now, whether it’s one to last a lifetime or simply a property that’s temporary, that peace should never be compromised. Especially after having gone through a long and tension-filled day, all you really need is a bit of silence. The whooshing car sounds, and the neighbor’s everyday dinner fights that have been the reason behind your nightmares are two things you would surely like to remove. However, you might find that it’s challenging to soundproof your current property, since it’s a short-term rental. And sacrificing your security deposit is something you would like to avoid. Though you should know by now that every cloud has a silver lining, and here’s this cloud’s silver lining.

Place rugs and carpets

This is essential in making your property a little bit less noisy. What you’re trying to do here is to minimize the empty floor space. By doing so, you’ll have another layer to insulate, making it much more difficult for the sound to breach your peace.

Put draft blockers

Draft blockers are tubes that you place under your door or window to help in noise cancellation. They’re made of fabrics and are filled with insulating materials, making them absolutely fantastic in lessening unpleasant sounds.

Install soundproofing products

Luckily, there are non-invasive products that don’t involve wrecking your rental. They could sometimes be a bit pricey though are always able to get the job done. Soundproofing layers are composed of materials that absorb the sound and turns it into heat energy. Foam is often considered as the most effective, although each material does serve a purpose.

Add pre-built windows and door

It’s a proven working mechanism. By installing doors and windows behind existing ones, you can reduce unwanted sounds by up to 75%. All you have to do is order a pre-built window or door, depending on where your problems are coming from, and make sure they are made with soundproofing materials. Install them and voila, you’ve got yourself a place that is quiet.

Drywalls and acoustical sealants

These two should come hand-in-hand. Drywalls are tight, dense layers designed to be good sound conductors. They can be installed on ceilings, walls and floors. However, you should keep an eye out for any cracks and holes, so that you can fix them. And that’s where acoustical sealants come in. You put these flexible materials on the drywall to make it more effective, as they’ll be covering the cracks that might be leaking sound.

Hang art

This one right here could seem senseless, but it’s very important to do. You want to fill your rented property with as many things to absorb sound vibrations so that the noise would be weakened. A review at soundproofexpert claims that this strategy works in more than one way, as it also provides you with the missing beauty the property may need. It has been tested and proven to work as well as decorate your walls.

Soundproof curtains

When it comes to your short-term rental property your options seem limited, as there’s only so much you can do. Although, curtains have and always shall prove to be a reliable source of insulation. You should know that they come in various shapes and sizes, and the cool part is that you can always have them transported onto wherever you go next. Since it is easy to install and remove, they will offer you the calmness you may need along with the guarantee of not making any irreversible changes to your rental.

Mass loaded vinyl

They work on two different angles all at the same time. By placing this material on your wall you’ll be fixing your sound problem and any heat problems you may have. With the thickness of these panels you’ll be sure to have yourself enjoying your rental.

White noise machines

These machines doesn’t absorb sound in any way. Their jobs are to trick you into thinking you have a quieter place. All they do combines a broad spectrum of frequencies that manages to form a sound to mask and hide other sounds. White noise machines play that sound continually as they’re on a loop.



All these soundproofing strategies are easily removed and are even easier to put. Remember, all you’re trying to do is reduce uncovered spaces. As you do so, you must  consider your budget and the source from which this irritation is generated. If it’s your neighbors that are ruining your peace, maybe try speaking to them, if that doesn’t work, then definitely yell at them.



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