How to: Take Beautiful Photos of Your House

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So you’ve decided to sell your house yourself, but you’re no estate agent. You want to show your home off in the best way possible, and the best way to do this is through photographs. With this guide, we show you how to take the best photos you can, which will get the viewings rolling in in no time.

 Use a tripod


By putting your camera on a tripod, it allows you to take steady, balanced photos more easily than you would if you were doing it freehand. Not only this, but by using a tripod it means that you can make compose to the room easier: the tripod stays in the same place while you move a couple of vases and photos around, meaning that you can take a more attractive photo.

Take low shots


Unless you’re about 4ft tall, you won’t be taking a photo of your room at an optimum angle. By taking a shot at a lower height, you create the illusion that there is more space in the room and get a better floor to ceiling ratio, which in turn creates a sense of balance.

Don’t try and be ‘quirky’


You’re taking pictures to sell your house, not entering yourself for ‘Artistic Photographer of the Year’. Take photos straight on and don’t go for jointy angles, low angles or abstract shots. Also, please, please. don’t edit your photos so heavily that you change the colour of the room- black and white my look pleasant but it isn’t going to sell your house: it’s not the time or the place.

Avoid wide angle lenses


Yes, sometimes using a wide angle lens you can fit more of the room into the shot. But, however subtle it may be, using a wide angle lens can often distort the overall look of the room. Closer objects to the camera can appear bigger and objects further away can feel smaller, making your room appear off-balance.

Get the lighting right


By getting the lighting right in the room, you can create a better looking atmosphere. Strong artificial lighting appears harsh and unwelcoming and your camera flash is never going to be powerful enough to light up an entire room. By using as natural looking lighting as you can, you make the room feel more welcoming and natural.

Highlight the special features


If your home has special character features, these could be a real selling point for potential buyers. By taking a special photo of a stained glass window, original fireplace or even original flooring, you set your house apart from the rest and draw buyers in. Not to mention, you get to showcase the finer details that make your house beautiful.

Remember to include the exterior


While the inside of your house may have the most photographic content, the outside is equally as important, too. Be sure to take photographs of the outside of your house when the lighting is at its best, whether it be sunrise or sunset. Plus, if you show what the outside of your house looks like, viewers will find it easier to find you!

Be consistent

Front door with entrance hall of house

When you look at a selection of photos, it tends to look better as a whole when the orientation remains the same. So, either pick landscape or portrait when taking your photos. Heads up- photos of houses look better in landscape. Leave portrait for…well, portraits.

Create some order


Once you’ve taken your photos and uploaded them to your ad, it is vital to make sure that you curate them in a good order. By putting your most attractive photo as your first image, whether it be your kitchen, front door or living room, it will be the first picture that people will see and they will be more likely to check out your house online.

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