How To Take Full Advantage Of A Self Storage Facility When Relocating

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Moving house is always going to be stressful. Yet, nothing beats the stress you will feel when you sell a home or your lease is finished and there is a gap before you can move to the new house.

You can ask a friend or family member to allow you to store your things in their garage if you’re feeling bold. 

Or, you can just use a self-storage facility.

In this article, I will go over some tips on how to use a self storage facility when relocating, or if you’re relocating to London some tips on how to use a London self storage.

Rent it early

Time is usually not on your side on moving day. There seem to be way more boxes than you had originally thought. 

Instead of trying to move everything in one day. Rent the storage unit weeks or even months in advance. Then slowly start bringing boxes and furniture of the nonessentials leaving just the bare necessities on the day of the big move.

Prices are usually very low so paying for an extra month is not usually going to be expensive. Take a look at the prices of the units at Life Storage Brooklyn to get an idea of how inexpensive it can be.


Coordinate with your removal company

Your removal company will love you for having them move your belongings to a storage facility instead of an apartment building or multistorey home. When you arrange for a quote from the removal company, try to negotiate a good price since they won’t be hauling your stuff up flights of stairs or need to go in through a window.


Be strategic

When loading your belongings in the unit itself, you can save time by taking a few moments to organize the way you place everything. That is to say, put your furniture into the unit first. Then stack your boxes near the entrance.

This way you can get your essentials from the boxes when you need them. You won’t be moving the furniture until you are moving to the new house, but you may need to access the contents of some of the boxes.

Also, try to group types of boxes into certain areas. For instance, have all of your kitchen items all together and any clothes in another. 

Give some space between these areas to sort of demarcate them. You’ll have space to walk around them and also to get into the boxes if need be.


Store your car

You can even keep your car in a self storage area to keep it out of the way and avoid any parking coss or risk of fines if you have to put it in an area with limited parking.

Make sure you check your local ordinances and call the storage facility directly to ask about the legality of doing this in your area. In most places it is not an issue but it pays to call ahead.

Having a moving strategy ahead of time will save a lot of frustration later.


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