How to Treat your Vinyl Windows

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The long-awaited moment has arrived, and you can finally enjoy the comfort of your recently installed modern windows in your North York home. With reduced noise, dust, and dirt, your home has become calmer, healthier, and more appealing.

However, for your windows to serve you for many years, it is necessary to follow specific operating rules.

Although they do not require excessive attention and any windows repair company can quickly get them back to standard, some care tips never worsen it.

Window Care Tips

Here’s everything you need to know about window care (yes, it’s a thing!), step by step:

Caring for the glass unit

Window cleaning is a common task for every homemaker; in this case, we won’t provide you with recommendations. However, paying special attention to moisture accumulation during winter is necessary.

With good airtightness, plastic windows do not allow air to pass through, which can lead to condensation. To prevent this, ventilate the room daily and avoid placing furniture, window coverings, and other objects that can block warm air from heating devices.

Care for the Casing

The casing profile is also essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your windows. Regularly inspect the profile for any signs of damage or wear.

Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the profile, avoiding abrasive or harsh cleaning agents that can cause discolouration or damage. Be sure to remove any dirt or debris that may accumulate in the corners or crevices of the profile.

Ordering plastic windows is easy, but their appearance depends on how well you care for them.

Regular cleaning with a specialised or soapy solution 2-3 times a year is vital to keeping your windows sparkling and looking new. Avoid using solvents and abrasive substances and touching the frame with hot objects.

Proper Seal Treatment

Although seals may not be very noticeable, they contribute to the windows’ tightness and sound insulation. Therefore, cleaning them 2-4 times a year using specialised products or a soapy solution is essential. After cleaning, thoroughly wipe them to remove all traces of dirt.

Caring for the hardware

The hardware, like handles and hinges, is used to open and secure plastic windows in various positions. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure its smooth operation.

When closing the windows, try to press the casing against the frame evenly. Every six months, clean and lubricate all movable parts and locking mechanisms.

Proper care of the hardware will ensure that your windows operate effortlessly, providing you with convenience and security. Regular maintenance helps prevent any potential issues and extends the lifespan of the hardware components.

Window sills are often overlooked, yet they significantly impact the overall appearance of the windows. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary, especially if they accumulate dust, dirt, or other debris. To clean them, use a soft cloth and a soapy solution, avoiding abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.

Tips for Maintaining Proper Window Functionality

To ensure the regular operation of your windows, inspect them 1-2 times a year. Check the window mechanism’s hardware, seals, and other components to ensure no defects, chips, cracks, or excessive wear. If any damage or malfunction is detected, repair or replace the parts to prevent further issues.

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Although plastic windows are durable and resistant to weather conditions, direct sunlight and high temperatures can negatively impact their functionality and appearance. Avoid placing hot objects near the windows and use window coverings such as curtains or blinds to reduce the impact of sunlight.

Avoid extreme weather conditions.

Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, or snowfall can damage plastic windows. Therefore, it is essential to check the windows after storms or severe weather and ensure they are not damaged or broken.

Choose the right cleaning products.

Cleaning products play an essential role in maintaining the functionality and appearance of plastic windows. Choosing the appropriate products that are safe, effective, and do not damage the frame or glass is essential. Read the labels carefully and follow the instructions to avoid accidents.

Warranty Considerations

When purchasing plastic windows, familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty obligations and policies.

Ensure you understand the terms and conditions and keep the documents and receipts for future reference.

If defects or damages are detected, contact the company and request repair or replacement.

Plastic windows consist of various components, and any damage to one part can affect the operation of the entire window. Therefore, replacing damaged or broken parts is important as soon as possible. Contact the manufacturer or supplier and inquire about the specific part or component that needs to be replaced.

Choosing the right type and style

There are different types and styles of plastic windows, and choosing the suitable one depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some windows are more energy-efficient, soundproof, or UV-resistant, while others are more affordable, easy to install, or versatile in design. Explore options online or visit a showroom to find the most suitable one for your home.

Improving energy efficiency

One of the main advantages of plastic windows is their energy efficiency, which helps reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

To enhance the efficiency of your windows, consider adding insulation, weatherstripping, or other energy-saving elements. You can also install triple glazing or low-E glass, which provides better insulation and reduce heat loss.

Enhancing sound insulation

Plastic windows also effectively reduce external noise levels, improving the quality of life for occupants. However, if you live in an area with high noise levels, consider enhancing sound insulation by adding special acoustic glass, laminated glass, or other soundproofing measures. Consult with a professional to find the best solution for your home.

Choosing the right installation company

The quality of the installation process significantly impacts the overall functionality and appearance of plastic windows. Therefore, choosing a reliable, experienced, and professional company that can ensure proper installation is essential. Check credentials, reviews, and recommendations of potential companies before hiring them.

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