Improving Working From Home with Simple Decorative Touches

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Learning in a bright environment with sufficient light or posters of your beloved celebrities hanging on the dormitory walls makes you feel cosier. It adds a significant element of being at home. It is not a secret that learning becomes much easier if you add simple decorative touches that help to create a comfort zone and a safe learning space. Most of us might remember what we liked the most in our childhood as we built rocket ships or pretended to be cowboys or fairy princesses. Even though we may not be able to afford certain things now, adding an element of what we love helps to do the trick!

  • Adding Smart LED Strip Lights.

While this may seem like a minor and straightforward decorative touch, pay attention to the amount of light in your room. A study place filled with daylight is always good, but achieving it is only sometimes possible. This is where intelligent LED strips can be helpful, as you can decorate your room this way and control it all from the comfort of your smartphone. It’s also suitable for a college party or movie night!

  • The Book Nooks.

These can be added to your library shelf or any other room location. Contrary to popular belief, these are only sometimes related to fairytales or literature and can represent anything. Add small toys and pebbles to enhance the overall look, and remember that any size and idea will work. If unfamiliar with the concept, look up diorama ideas for inspiration. If you are into DIY and handwork, you can easily make your own or consider looking for commercial spare parts for your ideas.

  • Using Sticky Notes.

While it may sound rather old-school, nothing beats motivational slogans or a unique to-do list that you can hang on the wall of your room and decorate with famous sayings, photographs, and all the possible sticky notes. You can even paint a clock and make the time freeze momentarily! If homework issues plague your free time, consider approaching a paper writing service as you get busy with creative tasks and learn how to decorate your room based on what ideas come to mind! So get help and let your creativity flow freely!

  • Boxes Under The Desk.

Before you start saying that boxes to store all your cables or other belongings that you can keep under the desk are not related to simple decorative touches, let me prove you wrong! After all, you can decorate these and make your room look like a luxury hotel. You can use affordable imitation jewellery to make it look like an ancient treasure box, or think about adding leather coverage or special soft covers. These can be handmade or bought at the pawn shops to save some funds and go on a treasure hunt! Such box decorations enhance the look of your room and impress your friends.

  • Mirrors Enhance The Space.

Some students dislike adding mirrors to their rooms since the space is already limited. You may need to learn that a correctly chosen mirror in your room can help expand the space and create a visual effect of freedom.  The trick is to play with the size and shapes! If you wish to enhance your learning, consider decorating for productivity tricks by evaluating the parts of your room that are less used. If you have a so-called “blind corner”, trying to add a mirror or a room plant there can add an impressive decorative touch.

  • Room Plants and Flowers.

Think about adding plants or flowers to your room for an enhanced learning experience. Some good ideas for a limited room space include a lucky bamboo, a Chinese evergreen, Aloe vera, or a Money tree. For a more exotic personality, consider checking out the Phalaenopsis Orchid as a great and stylish addition that will make you feel inspired and happy! All these plants will make you feel safer and more confident and create a special feeling in your room by positively changing the air quality and killing all germs.

The Learning vs. Lesure Room Zones

No matter what you study and what you like, creating 2 separate zones to relax and have fun or get busy with your academic duties is essential. One of the simplest ways to achieve that is to physically use available room furniture to divide the space. If it is impossible, consider using a folding room divider to create a separate place to store your guitar, keep your secret diary, or create a creative corner hidden from prying eyes. This is where you can and should get creative by allocating a special place to have fun, dream, or sit back and have a drink with your friends.

Photo courtesy of  Unsplash
Ref: 3658.31947

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