Installing a Screen Door in Your New Construction Project

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When securing your home, the door must come first. It is always the first point of entry for intruders. A screen door is considered the best accessory a person can add to their home. They help homeowners protect the main exterior entrance. They add more comfort and protection to your home;

Increase Security

The whole point of installing a screen door is to increase security. You can leave the front door open to let in the fresh air as long as there is a screen door. Screen doors come with their lockset and glass. This barrier deters burglars from breaking in and makes your home feel secure.

Easier to Manage Kids

Any parent would agree that the kids are the most challenging when getting in and out of the house. The kids are always dawdling. Thus monitoring them can become hectic, especially for busy parents. Fortunately, opening the screen door only requires a little bit of effort with the screen. Hence this may help you concentrate on other important things without opening and closing the door for the kids.

Added Visual Appeal

Attractive screen doors add a level of style to a property. They add a little charm to your property. This comes in handy if you need to resale the property. They can be custom-made to reflect your home’s architectural design or colour scheme.

So if you’re that individual who loves being the first to try out new technology, you should consider trying screen door. By installing a retractable screen door, everyone who sees it will be impressed. It could be the best opportunity to impress your guests, family, friends, and neighbours.

Improve Ventilation

Screen doors have a retractable screen panel. This enables them to be the perfect source of air circulation in your home, for a house with few windows. This can be the best solution for letting in airflow in the house.

The fresh air and light enhance peace of mind and comfort around the house. The fresh air also maintains the moderate temperature of the house. This automatically reduces power consumption as air conditioning and fans are no longer needed.

Improve general health

Human health is an essential factor to consider when designing a property. The amount and quality of your indoor air directly impact your health and well-being.

Staying in a poorly ventilated room means that you’re breathing in the same air, aggravating allergies and causing other respiratory problems.

As mentioned earlier, plenty of fresh air is the key in any room. It improves general indoor air quality. Installing a screen door ensures fast and easy movement of air in and out of your room thus, you can breathe easier.

Keep Insects Away

There is nothing worse than insects and pests making their way into your home. It is always not easy to juggle letting in the fresh air and keeping insects at bay, but this is achievable with screen doors. Keeping the front door open will help let in the fresh air, but a screen door will keep the insects, flies, and bugs at bay.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The new screen door is designed to cover the screen portion with a sliding glass panel. This feature aims to ensure that the door has reduced air leaks, thus increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

That means the screen has the potential to lower your energy bills alongside preventing drafts. In addition, they often come with low-energy glass, which reduces heat transfer through the pane. This may reduce energy loss by up to 50 per cent.

Increases Life Span of Exterior Doors

The sun’s hot rays can damage the material of your front door. It may become warped or cause the colour to fade. A screen door, in this case, has a protective glass panel that will deflect the light. The glass panel mainly diffuses the intensity of the heat, thereby preventing it from damaging anything behind it.

An exterior door is a valuable and essential investment. It is natural to want it to stay looking as new for as long as possible. By installing a screen door on the outside of your entrance, you will be able to extend your exterior doors lifespan.

Reduces Noise

Most recording studios install double doors and windows to slow down sound vibrations from the studio. Similarly, screen doors create a barrier that reduces outdoor noise entering the house. This can be very helpful for people who live near traffic, highway, or institutions.


A screen door can bring a big difference to the outlook of your home. It enhances comfort and security around the house. Always consult and research well on the best and most durable screen door before purchasing.

Ref: THSI-2715 / ZD.24284

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