Is a Tiny House Right For You?

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Making a house of ones own used to be something only available to the wealthy, but by simply downsizing, a perfect creation of your tastes and needs can be created even if you’re on a budget. The only rule is it has to be tiny.


Tiny houses are small compact, and usually beautifully crafted, and are growing in popularity due to the reasonable ease in which they can be built and run. There are hundreds dotted all over the world, and various companies that make custom made shells, some that even come on wheels so you can move your home wherever you want.


In most cases these homes are created by young couples wanting to move in with one another but are feeling the pinch financially. The idea of making your own affordable and rent free house seems flawless, but there are inevitably some problems. 


If you’re considering taking the plunge into tiny houses and are already half way out the door with a hammer and some nails, I suggest you sit back down and consider a few of these questions.


How much do you like your own space? 

No body likes to be lonely, but theres loneliness, and then theres hearing every part of your partners morning bathroom routine while you’re eating your cornflakes. I just want to be close to you, but maybe not that close.


How tidy are you? 

Every house, flat, boathouse and of course tiny house looks better when its clean and organised. However a bit of clutter in an average size house can be less obvious, and even add character, whereas in a tiny house it can make the difference between walking to your bedroom and jumping over to it. If youre the type who sees organisation as waste of time, your house could end up looking more like a glorified wardrobe rather than a comfortable living space.


Where do you want to live? 

Building your dream home may be simple if you have a spare field on you, but for city dwellers, finding a patch of land to place your home may be tricky. Land can be bought, but there isnt a lot to go around, and if you rent space on a farm, youre at the mercy of the farmer, much like you are with a landlord.


Do you want children? 

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but its something to think about if you’re a couple who wants a little version of themselves as well as a little home to live in. As were all aware, children grow, and although its easy to keep them happily tucked away in a cot for their toddler years, its a little more difficult when they grow up decide they dont like sleeping in the living room/kitchen.


If you’ve answered these questions with careless ease, and you’re already planning the perfect location for your new miniature home, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you will soon be living in a truly unique and personal house. Tiny houses can be ideal for people more comfortable living simply, and for some, its the best chance of having a home thats truly their own.



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By Harriet Blake

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