Is the Water In Your New House Cleaner?

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A lot of homeowners ask whether the water in their new house is clean or not. You see, drinking water is probably the most essential needs for all living organisms. So, obviously it needs to be clean as much as possible.


But the truth is, clean and safe drinking water is pretty rare nowadays.


In fact, even people who assume that their water is healthy and safe to drink are actually at risk of certain heavy metals, chemicals, and pathogens contamination.


Whether your water source is from rain water, filtered, bottled, water from well, or tap water, make sure to read all the way because we will be uncovering crucial things about the water in your new house so that you know whether it is cleaner or not.



What Are the Possible Danger from Drinking Tap Water In Your New House?

In spite of complicated water treatment efforts made by local municipalities, most drinking water typically arrives at your faucet with certain level of microbial activities.

The thing is, water is the Earth’s source of life, and along with that, many hazardous organisms forms including, amoeba, parasites, viruses, and bacteria. These pathogens make your safe drinking water pretty harmful particularly during ambient temperatures.

Aside from parasitic or amoebic infestation, bacteria such as E. coli are the most common type of pathogens in drinking water. For all we know, E. coli is quite common in the past years because of many factories springing up everywhere with incredibly hazardous conditions.

All these reasons are enough to think about whether you should be drinking again from your new house’s tap or not.


Heavy Metals in Drinking Water from Your New House

Excessive heavy metals in drinking water have always been a serious issue for many years. And just recently, lead pipes were actually discovered to be a primary contributor to this concern.

However, lead doesn’t only explain the whole story.

Elements like antimony, barium, cadmium, and aluminum are actually considered heavy metals as well and they can also be found in your tap water as well. In addition to that, there is also this common heavy metal– called “Arsenic”. Arsenic is usually linked with low birth-weight, which is not really good.

Because of all of these heavy metals, many homeowners incorporate whole house water filter for removing heavy metals and foul odor in their household. Whole house water filter is a really good long-term investment especially if you’re concern about the health of your family. After all, you don’t want your hard-earned money to just go in medical bills right?


Water in New Houses in America: What It’s Like?

Usually, tap water is classified safe if it comes from a well-regulated public water system in the US. The EPA or also known as Environmental Protection Agency is the accrediting body that sets certain health regulations about the drinking water contaminants. EPA also monitors all public water systems around a municipality.

The main issue with tap water in the US is the pipes in all households. A lot of American schools and homes are incorporated with galvanized steel water pipes for safe drinking.  But the problem is that these galvanized steel pipes are probably contaminated with rust debris, which ultimately causes the tap water to have some brown tint, red, or yellow.

For those houses that have this kind of issue, again, whole house water filters are great investment to prevent further inconvenience and health hazard.

One more issue with tap water in new houses in the US is that much of the country only supplies hard water in most houses. Also, hard water in showers, tubs, and sinks is quite hard to clean as they normally contain high quantity of minerals (which solidifies pretty easily).

Homeowners who have this kind of problem usually resort to sodium in order to soften the hard water. But the problem with this kind of method is obviously the presence of sodium which is not really good for the body in large quantity. 



The bottom line here is that we shouldn’t be so sure about drinking water in our new houses because of possible harm and danger we mentioned above.

Investing in a water filter is a wise move because you’ll be able to save a lot of money especially in long term and more importantly, there’s no potential danger for your family particularly the kids.

You need to always ensure that the water in your new house is clean because obviously it’s a new environment and you still don’t know everything yet, particularly the drinking water.


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