Keeping Geese Away From Your Property

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It’s a beautiful sight to see geese in flight, but what happens when they decide to make your property their home? Geese can be pesky creatures that leave droppings and dirt on areas that they frequent, which can cause some problems like attracting pests and diseases.

Let’s explore ways to keep them away from your property!

Trying the Repellents

The best time to use these products is when the geese are still migrating in spring, as they should be less aggressive during this time. 

Many people keep geese away from their homes or business by using a goose repellent powder of sodium chloride or potassium acetate. However, using a professional goose repellent service is always your best option. You can be sure that the product will be people and pet-friendly, effective, long-lasting, non-toxic, odourless, and waterproof. 

You can also make a homemade repellent by boiling an onion, four garlic cloves, and three chilli peppers in two cups of water for around 30 minutes. Remove the vegetables from the broth place them in a blender with 1/4 cup of mineral oil and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth to separate into a repellent and spray this mixture around your property in areas that geese frequent.

Electric Fencing 

Another great way to repel geese away from your property is by using an electric fence. The high-voltage shock that the fence gives off deters geese and other animals from returning. It can be easily installed around a pond or other areas, and it can be easily hidden and disguised through landscaping.

If you’re worried about the geese returning to the same spot, you can place a motion-activated sprinkler with an infrared sensor right in the area. It will spray them with water and scare them away from that system when activated. You can change it up by putting out some fake snakes or a coyote decoy for added effect.

Citrus Deterrents

Geese are repelled by the smell of orange peels or grapefruit, so placing these near their favourite spot is a great way to keep them away. Also, if you make a homemade soft soap made of water and grated bar soap, you can use it to scrub down patios that geese might visit. Soap is known for leaving a film on surfaces that repel the animals.

One final thing you can do with smelly things that geese don’t like is to plant daffodil bulbs all around your property as they emit an odour that geese dislike and will avoid those areas.


However, it’s best to use a natural approach when it comes to keeping geese away from your property instead of putting out anything that might be toxic to the birds, people, or pets.

Use Sound

Using a motion-activated speaker that emits sounds of predators or alarms is a great way to scare away geese. You can also add in loud music for added effect. This is an excellent way to scare them away that won’t harm them.


Another sound that can make geese uncomfortable is a human alarm whistle, which can be bought at any store. It emits an ultra-high frequency noise that the birds cannot stand and will make them move away from your property, searching for calmer waters.

Salt Barrier

You can create your barrier by mixing either rock salt or table salt into the water and spraying it around your property in a thin layer. This isn’t harmful to the geese, but they don’t like walking on this surface because it makes them uncomfortable. They will avoid this area, so you won’t have to worry about them leaving droppings or dirt all over your property.


Salt barriers also work on sidewalks and driveways, which can easily be swept after the geese have left.

Repel Plants 

Again, planting daffodils or any other plants that emit a smell that geese dislike is another way to keep them away from your property. They also like eating ornamental plants, so having some repellent plants in containers at the edge of your parcel will make them less likely to return.

One plant that geese despise is spearmint, which you can grow all around your yard. Mints are easy to grow, and they’re known for the lovely scent that humans love. Planting any type of mint in pots or planters makes it easier to move them around to where the geese are.



Hopefully, this article has given you plenty of insight into how geese behave, the different methods for keeping them away, or both. You can apply these remedies all year long, as geese aren’t just a nuisance during the summertime. They will migrate back in the fall and return in spring. A good repellent will keep them away from your property for a few months before you’ll need to reapply it.

Make sure to use the most natural and humane ways to keep them away from your property and allow them to find a new house – which is not yours!

Ref :THSI-2681 / ZD.24012

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