Key Factors Influencing the Price to Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai

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Car rental is a lucrative business around the world. This is especially popular in countries with developed economies and high living standards. UAE is a high-developed country, where luxury living is commonplace. That’s why it’s so popular here to rent an exclusive and expensive car among locals and tourists.

If you decide on visiting Dubai to experience all the luxury car charm, you should definitely take a ride in it. From this article, you’ll find out about the things that mainly influence the luxury car rental cost in Dubai. So, let’s start.

What time do you book a car?

Seasonality affects most things and car rental isn’t an exception. However, it doesn’t matter whether you rent a car in Dubai or another place. The cost to book a luxury vehicle will be higher if you decide to drive on holidays when the demand is higher. The rental offices want to make money on this and, accordingly, raise prices.

If you want to save money taking a luxury car in the Emirates, rent it on a normal day or weekday. Any car rental item has peak seasons and seasons when sales are low. Therefore, if you won’t spend more or don’t need an urgent rental, then it’s better to take a vehicle during the off-season.

Car model choice

It doesn’t matter if you rent a car or buy it, the price will depend on its model. If we talk about booking an elite car, then the cost will be higher than that of the old models. Moreover, a larger car rent will also more expensive than the purchase price itself is higher. Thus, tenants recoup their costs and want to get more profit from their business.

So, before you book a vehicle in Dubai, first find some good rental locations. Consider several car models and choose the most suitable one in terms of dimensions and characteristics.

Year of car production

As a rule, new cars are more expensive as they are equipped with newer features. However, as far as retro cars are concerned, their cost can also be higher. Why? These vehicles are usually in perfect condition, which is rare. Also, it may be difficult to find on the market because there are usually not very many of these types of cars.

Also, remember: renting a car for the last year of production will be more expensive than the existing models.

Lease conditions and duration

One of the important factors is the term car rental. It’s best if you book a car in advance, for instance, 3 or 6 months earlier. This way you can save money. But, if the vehicle is needed urgently, you’ll have to pay a little more.

For instance, the cost of Ferrari rent in Dubai may change depending on how long you want it. Of course, booking a car for a day or several hours may be cheaper, but if you rent it for a long time, you might even get a discount.

The place where you take the car away matters

When arriving in Dubai, you need to get to the city from the airport. In this instance, it’s better to take a car to the city, since rent it directly at the airport will cost you more. So, the more profitable decision is to go to the city by taxi, and then contact the car rental service.

Additional services

Withal to the above factors, additional conditions influence the price of car rental. For example, booking it will cost you a little more if it’s delivered to you instead of you pick it up from the rental company. Also, if prefer not to drive the car by yourself, you can hire a driver for an additional fee.

There are cheaper luxury cars, but always the rent includes some additional services. A surcharge may include insurance, car transponder rent, airport tax, rental deposit, costs for lubricants and refuelling, parking, hiring a personal driver, etc.


So, we considered the main factors that affect the rental of a luxury car’s cost. However, there may be various nuances in such business. Therefore, be careful when choosing a rental company and study all its conditions. The last you should remember: pay special attention to additional amounts so as not to pay for things you don’t need.



Ref number: THSI-2423

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