Mounting Water Debt Sinks Scots

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There is a growing problem in Scotland with people struggling with debt after news that one in five Scots are confused by a water billing system that lands them with a water bill to pay.

There are two invoices for householders to pay for their water and council tax but many people do not realise that the charges are separate.

Now, according to one charity, there are thousands of Scottish householders who are running up debts for their unpaid water and sewerage costs.

In addition, Scots who get 100% council tax reduction only get 25% reduced from their water and sewerage bill and have to pay the balance.

The confusion is being blamed on the council‘s billing processes which means that many Scots are missing their water bill payments.

Many of those being caught out are vulnerable customers who do not appreciate the difference.

Scots are building up water bill arrears

Now Scots are building up water bill arrears, particularly those who have a council tax exemption and don’t realise they need to pay water charges, and are finding this debt difficult to pay.

The charity says it is seeing Scots with thousands of pounds owed in water bills.

Now there is a call for the Scottish government to work with Scottish Water and local councils in a bid to help those on low incomes pay their water and sewerage bills.

There are hopes that this move will help prevent Scots in debt falling further into financial difficulties.

We have highlighted on this blog previously that council tax debt is a big source of worry for Scots struggling with money problems and one of the leading organisations in the country to help offer advice and guidance is Scotland’s Trust Deed.

Experienced debt advisers can offer advice

They have a team of experienced debt advisers who can offer advice and there’s a lot of useful advice on their website to.

The aim is to help Scots ease their debt problems and offer the potential solutions for doing so.

To do this, the adviser will conduct a financial review which highlights the best solution for a person’s own circumstances.

The service offered by Scotlands Trust Deed is free and there is no obligation for the person contacting them to follow up any of their recommendations. For information and advice on trust deeds get in touch with them today.

Scots in debt and struggling with the stress

For Scots in debt and struggling with the stress of their financial situation, it might help to speak to someone who can offer confidential and non-judgemental support.

Essentially, they will offer an expert review of the financial circumstances and then offer that person advice on the routes to debt resolution.

Should they follow the advice from the money adviser, they can also help complete the necessary paperwork to put them on the road to financial health.

In addition, they can also offer help and advice about sequestration and entering a trust deed.

For many people, the term sequestration means bankruptcy and it’s only available for people living in Scotland.

A debt arrangement scheme or DAS

Another route to solve debts is to use a Scottish Government debt management tool known as a debt arrangement scheme or DAS.

There are many reasons why someone would opt for a DAS or a trust deed, but it’s important that they receive expert financial advice before making a decision and the team at Scotland’s Trust Deed will be able to help.

Of those who would like to know whether they qualify for any potential debt resolution scheme, without having to speak with a debt adviser, there’s also a very useful and simple debt test on their website to find out what’s available.

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