Of All the Options for Window Dressings – Why the Drape is Making a Comeback

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All the greatest films have drapes included in them. “The Sound of Music” has the children running around in old curtains. “Gone With The Wind” had Scarlett O’Hara turning into a Southern belle with old drapes that she turned into high fashion. Why is that? And where have drapes gone? Although they’re a bit more out of the ordinary these days, drapes — or curtains, as they are sometimes called —  are the best way to show your style, keep your windows shaded, and keep the cold weather in and the warm weather out.

“Drapes” and “curtains” are the same thing. They are window treatments made from various types of fabrics. They come in all different textures, thread counts and designs, and although they aren’t as popular in today’s market, the drape is a major part of the “traditional” decorating look. Of course, there are alternatives available, but they simply can’t touch the elegance of drapes.

There are four major types of drapes that you can choose for your home or office. What you choose sets the major style for the room and can in turn enhance or distract from your overall look. Not just used for privacy or ambiance, drapes also make excellent energy savers and can define the decor, style, and sophistication of any living space.

Panels with rings

One type of drape available is the “panel with rings” variety. The name pretty much says it all: the rings, which can also be referred to as grommets, attach the fabric to the edge, leaving the rod exposed. If you are going to choose this type of panel, then it is a good idea to pick an attractive rod and a pair of decorative finials to adorn the ends. The draperies themselves come in various shapes, textures, and patterns, and can be selected according to what your desired “look” is. A panel with rings is a more contemporary look with straight edges and clear definitive lines. The exposed rod is what defines the drape itself and makes it dramatic.

Rod-pocket panels

A variation of the panels with rings is the “rod-pocket panel.” Almost the same in style, the rod is all but unnoticeable. The top has a ruffle-type appearance, and the panel is wrapped around it so that the rod isn’t seen at all. A major difference between the panel with rings and the rod-pocket is that the rod-pocket gives a softer and more traditional look to any space. The whole-fabric appearance is excellent at providing a warmer feel to areas of your home, like the bedroom or an elegant living space.

Pleated panels

Another type of drapery is the “pleated panel top.” Although these are also hung with rings, the rings themselves are tiny and are basically an accessory used to hang the draperies themselves. The curtains are defined by the pleated ridges on the top. One of the most traditional styles of drapes available, they are typically thicker, have a sheer panel behind them, and are an excellent way to keep the cold air or the warm air in, or out.

If you are looking for an upscale and sophisticated look, drapes Winnipeg carries pleated panels and are a throwback to yesteryear which can be a great way to add a decorative look to your windows. There are also different types of pleats that you can choose from. There is the pinch pleat, which is the most common; the goblet pleat, which is a triple-pinch top; the pencil pleat, which is a more clear and defined look; the cartridge pleat, which is slightly more rounded; and the tuxedo pleat, which is a bit over the top. The tuxedo pleat is extremely fancy and has a contemporary and formal appearance.

Tab-top panels

The simplest drapery fashion is the “tab-top panel.” It is a drapery that looks more primitive and is typically reserved for a more whimsical look. If you are someone who is all about the shabby chic or country fair look, then the tab-top style is your best bet. They are just as energy efficient and provide a more casual look, but they are also no less stylish.

There are many options for window coverings in today’s market. But just like every other trend, what is old news is soon new again. The drapery is making a comeback with reason. A great way to show off your style, keep energy costs low, and enhance your overall decorative preference, the drapery just might be your best bet.

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