Online Energy Manager

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• No software to install – runs in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc
• Desktop, workgroup, enterprise or hosted versions available

The online version of our Energy Manager is a subscription service. You will need 1 subscription license per channel of measuring device you plan to use. For example, a 5-Way Smart Socket needs 1 annual subscription license and the 16-Channel Smart Meter needs 16 annual subscription licenses.

Annual subscription £25.00 (inc. VAT) per meter point a year


• Measure and manage your energy
• Simple to install/ operate
• Powerful functions to group data at person, area, department or organisational level
• Available in hosted or locally-installed versions

What is it?

The Energy Manager is an appliance-level smart meter and energy management system aimed at a wide variety of medium to large organisations, ranging from businesses to schools. The system provides a meter-accurate, real-time display of electricity usage, along with the cost of this energy and the CO2 emissions. Energy Manager can be used to break-down your energy data to monitor the usage of a single piece of equipment (such as the photocopier or printer), or the consumption of individuals or departments, or to assess the cost of running the air conditioning or lighting across your site.

For the first time, therefore, this allows energy-saving targets to be set and measured in detail for individuals and departments within an organisation – simply and transparently. Each of the 13 modules in the Energy Manager regularly reports back energy use and supply data to central analysis software. With a remotely-operated switch built into each socket, an organisation can also choose to manage their system remotely – for example, by turning equipment / lighting off overnight when the premises are not in use. The system can be used to identify quick and easy savings (largely through behavioural change), as well as part of a longer-term plan of energy reduction and management – on average an organisation will be able to reduce their energy bill by over 10% a year.

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