Our House is a Very, Very, Very Small House

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Image source:chrisandmalissa.com


Chris and Malissa Tack live in Snohomish, Washington. Chris is a photographer and graphic designer; Malissa is a 3D artist and animator. They both attended the Kendall College of Art and Design.

And they live in a tiny house.


Image source:www.futuristspeaker.com

The Tiny House Movement (THM), as it has become known, is this century’s answer to The Good Life.  A step beyond the agrarian self-sufficiency practiced by Tom and Barbara, THM promotes a streamlined existence, retaining only that which is essential and rejecting the amassed detritus that our modern consumerist society encourages us to buy. Further to its philosophical merits, THM has also proven hugely ecological and economical, particularly in this time of crisis that we are only now beginning to dust ourselves off from. Tiny House UK details the various means and methods available to maintain such amenities as toilets and showers, painting a picture of costly sacrifice that ultimately pays off, if you show enough willing. The kind of willing Chris and Malissa Tack went to great lengths to realise.


Image source: chrisandmalissa.com

Upon discovering they’d paid $58,000 worth of rent in just four years, the Tacks set about designing their new home. Beginning in March 2011, they drew up their own plans, ordered a trailer and divested themselves of all the non-essentials (resulting in 7 car loads of donations to the Goodwill) before embarking on a 9-month endeavour that culminated in a 140 square foot, trailer-mounted home. Powered with solar panels (and mains electricity on cloudy days), with a propane stove and full plumbing fed via hydrant, The Tacks’ tiny house is fully liveable and mobile.


The Tiny Tack House cost Chris and Malissa in the region of $32,000. Their yearly upkeep, with land leasing and mains electricity is up to $3965. Projecting forward four years, that’s $15,260. Altogether, that places them over $10,000 ahead of where they were renting an apartment and on top of that, they’re selling their designs online. Now, you might say that they’ve gotten what they paid for and you’d be right, but consider this:  
“We live each day with new possibilities and amazing adventures in our hearts.” 

– Malissa Tack.

Beat that with a stick.


For more information visit the Tacks here: http://chrisandmalissa.com/

Alternatively, watch them here.


Joe Castle

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