Picking a door for your home

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Doors have been one of the big additions that people looks for when transforming their homes. The industry has continued to grow and there are now a vast number of options available to consumers. Many have both advantages and disadvantages to the different buyers. Here we cover the different options available including the revolutionary composite doors by Truedor.

Timber/Wood Doors

These are the traditional material for doors. These have always been attractive as they are not only cheap but the material can be obtained easily. There is a vast number of woods available on the market, which is why they continue to be the budget selection for home owners.

Framed/Paneled Doors

These are common place within peoples homes. It comprises of the frame being made from wood, with the rest timber, plywood and hard board for example. These can be made with design, so are popular for the decorative aspect. Some of the panels are also made of glass in some cases.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are the newest type of door for homes and simply are the revolutionary change in the industry. These were made looking at doors of the past and taking out their flaws to create this design. They are made from a number of different materials that includes PVC, wood, GPR and insulating foam. This is why this results in a very strong and secure product for the market.

Glass Doors

These are provided for both doors and windows but mostly just for the panelling. However in some cases, doors can be made specifically from glass but are not popular, due to the risk in safety and protection. These also have poor durability.

Steel Doors

A metal that has been around for many years and is always a popular choice due to its efficiency. It is a very sturdy and reliable option and used on many occasions for exterior and interior doors. It is used as a substitute for wood. Steel doors are a popular option when security is of great importance and the key factor.

PVC Doors

This plastic material has fast become a popular choice for many home owners as it can provide a variety of different colours and designs. These are very durable and light weight but also easy to install. On the other hand they are not the best with poor conditions and are not weather proof. They are a cheap option however.

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