Popular Areas to Live in Washington DC

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There is no shortage of reasons to move to Washington, DC. Whether you are in government, politics, lobbying, education, or another one of the many sectors in the capital of the United States, life might find you here. If you are considering moving to Washington DC or already live here and want to move to a better place, some areas are better than others. Depending on who you are and what you do, below are some of the most popular areas in Washington, DC.


Historically known as a college area in Washington, DC, Georgetown has much more than that. Some of the Federalist architecture dates to the 1700s. It has cobblestone streets and an impeccable vibe. Georgetown gets you far enough away from the political hustle and bustle but still within reach of everything in the city. Furthermore, Georgetown was the centre of the punk rock scene in the 1980s and continues to be a hip part of town where you can find artisanal coffee and fine food.

Capitol Hill

If you need to be close to the action, for whatever reason, you can look for places to live on Capitol Hill. This isn’t the cheapest place to live in Washington, DC, but there are plenty of options to find more affordable housing. For example, there are coliving options on Capitol Hill.

Coliving is when you work with an intermediary to find the best roommate situation. Of course, if you are coliving, you are probably not a politician, but if you need to be close to the Capitol and all that goes on there, you could try this popular new option. Coliving in Washington, DC, can make your housing situation more affordable. Capitol Hill is a great place to do it.


Initially built by Chinese immigrants, few remain in Chinatown today. However, it is an exciting place to live in Washington, DC. Not only will you be surrounded by great Asian restaurants, but you will also have cheaper rent than in other parts of the city. Whether you are trying to find an affordable place to live or want to find a unique area of DC to live in, Chinatown could be a great option. With so many tourist attractions in the city, Chinatown isn’t at the top of the list—making it an excellent place to find a nice place to live.


Downtown Washington DC is one of the more popular areas in the city. Whether you are a metropolitan person who wants to be within walking distance from swanky restaurants or want to feel like you are living in a different city, downtown can provide a more commonplace vibe for residents. You might rub elbows with politicians, lobbyists, and CEOs at the bars, but other than that, you can keep a pretty low profile. Downtown might differ from what you first think of in Washington, DC, but it can be an excellent place to live.

Foggy Bottom

Finally, Foggy Bottom is one of the most famous areas in Washington, DC. It isn’t just famous for its quirky name. It stretches from North of the National Mall and has political pundits blowing off steam and University students studying. Foggy Bottom is an incredible mix. It has a sense of Washington DCs culture, but with the city continuing to change as the terms and semesters come and go, Foggy Bottom changes with it. It can be a great place to build a home.

There are plenty of popular areas to live in Washington, DC. Whether you are trying to find an affordable place to live or want to be close to the action, the city can provide all kinds of places to call home. Whether you work in government and politics or are a student who needs affordable housing, there are plenty of ways to make Washington, DC, the home you’ve always desired.

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States, but it might be different from what you think of first when you think of great cities to live in. It should be. You’ll never get bored living in this city, and there are plenty of neighbourhoods to find a home in. It’s not the cheapest city, hippest, or easiest to live in, but it’s always exciting. People come and go. They have different reasons for living in DC and different reasons to live. Some are here temporarily while others stay.

It is a great city, no matter what you do in Washington, DC. Whether you are coming in to work for a politician during their term, need to find college housing, or are just trying out a new place, DC can provide what you need. So, next time you think about changing your life, why not give Washington, DC, a shot?

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