Purchase of real estate in Thailand

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Desc – Buying real estate in Thailand – . Most beneficial locations of the country for real estate purchase. Compelling reasons to invest in real estate in Thailand.

Lots of foreigners are considering purchasing real estate abroad today. Most of them have a strong desire not only to relocate to a more pleasant place to live but also to save their capital. Foreign investors choose real estate in Thailand to fulfil both of these goals. Citizens of many countries decide to buy property by the sea in Thailand primarily because of the most developed, stable and independent economy in Southeastern Asia.

Real estate in Thailand

The real estate market in Thailand offers multiple housing options for foreign investments. Buyers can select an exclusive property of the most suitable sector. Although the experts predict the maximum growth of demand and offer in the luxury sector, more affordable apartments and condos are also available. Generally, the real estate market makes buyers monitor the emergence of new and exciting objects and profitability growth.

According to experts, the main reasons for the stability of the Thai real estate market are:

  • reliable and transparent sources of funding;
  • the effective anti-crisis management;
  • high demand, especially in the luxury housing sector.

Condos and apartments in Thailand

The primary trend of foreign investments in the real estate sector in Thailand is the purchase of residential property. Foreign buyers select well-designed apartments and condos in the most comfortable locations in the country.

Life in a condominium appears comfortable and careless as the residents have everything they need without unnecessary travel. A condominium is a multi-level housing development with its own territory, parking, swimming pool, gym, laundry room, and management company office. Today, developers have gone further and often add office space, stores, cafes and restaurants.

Buyers can choose from small studios to spacious housing units of 4 bedrooms. All necessary furnishing and appliances are present as well:

  • furniture from talented designers;
  • modern amenities;
  • high-quality maintenance;
  • terraces or balconies;
  • breathtaking views from the windows.

Thailand’s most popular geography among foreign buyers is Bangkok, with its surroundings, Phuket and Pattaya.

Real estate in Bangkok

Real estate in the capital of Thailand cannot cost little. Due to its beneficial location and higher rental opportunities, properties are more expensive than in other locations.

It is possible to buy premium property of considerable footage in downtown of the capital for about $20 million. The average price of condominiums in the economy class here ranges from $80 to 200 thousand. Business class prices range from $300 thousand to $ 1 million. There are also VIP options with a price tag of $1-2 million and above.

Real estate in Phuket and Pattaya

Prices in Phuket and Pattaya are 10 – 20% lower than in Bangkok. The main difference between the capital’s real estate and resorts: are the size of buildings (especially in height), the level or social status of the neighbours, maintenance, and the number of parking spaces in the parking lot.

A compact studio in the centre of Pattaya or Phuket can be bought for $20,000-25,000 (1.5-2 km from the sea). For $150,000-170,000, you can buy a 2-bedroom apartment with sea views. Three-bedroom apartment in luxury condominiums costs about $300,000.

Reasons to invest in real estate in Thailand

The full list of compelling reasons to invest in property in Thailand may contain up to 20 objective and subjective points. This article will discuss 5 of the most convincing benefits of owning property in the kingdom.

  1. We have guaranteed high income.

Real estate must, first of all, bring income to the owner. Thailand offers buyers a huge choice of programs for passive income and guaranteed return on investment. As with any foreign real estate, it boasts of extreme popularity among tenants and buyers. So, you can easily resell the property in case of necessity.

  1. High standard of living and security.

The kingdom compares favourably with neighbouring countries in terms of standard of living. No political crises could shake the stable baht or disrupt the country’s economic stability. Besides, the country is considered one of the safest destinations in Southeastern Asia.

  1. Transparency of a deal.

The government of Thailand introduced a transparent and straightforward procedure for real estate purchases for foreigners. The beneficial policy of the country is a valuable tool for attracting foreign investments into the budget. Moreover, all transactions are managed and carefully checked by the governmental structures that allow foreigners to work only with reliable developers.

  1. Comfortable location for a permanent stay.

Life in your apartment near the sea and enjoying a pleasant climate every day are features worth considering when considering the purchase. Still, if you are not sure about relocation, you may invest in the real estate under construction and obtain significant grounds in a foreign country.

  1. Transport accessibility.

Thailand is visited by thousands of tourists annually. The easy accessibility of the resort mainly creates such an interest. All regions of Thailand are connected to the capital by modern highways, and bus and ferry service is developed between the resort regions. Thailand is connected to neighbouring countries by air routes of major Asian carriers and regional low-cost carriers.

To sum up

Foreigners come to Thailand mainly because of the reasons mentioned above. They enjoy the nature of Thailand, with more than 100 national parks on the country’s territory and good service. Thailand has become such an attractive tourist destination because it has one of the best services in Southeast Asia. For relatively little money, a tourist gets decent service.

Roughly speaking, there are no reasons why you should not buy real estate in Thailand. The robust characteristics of properties are the convenient location, variety of choices and high investment return. They look even more appealing with proximity to the sea and affordable prices.

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