Quick Home Cleaning Tips for Pets

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The kind of total love that exists between a human and its offspring is also demonstrated between a pet owner and their pet. When feeling down or upset, the lick of the hand or a gentle shove of a wet nose comes without asking for it. The relationship between a human and a dog is particularly in the display when the pets greet their owners at the door.

All is great with owning a pet, but cleaning a house with these super cute pets around is another ball game. Every pet owner is faced up to keep their house unsoiled and clean. But they often find themselves on the blindside in terms of tidiness. Here is a quick list on how to keep your house clean with those cuddly pets around.

Set up a pet cleaning routine

Pet grooming has to become an essential part of pet’s caretaking cycle. Setting up a pet grooming routine can go a long way in keeping the pet as well as your home free from dirt and germs. You can create an immense difference in your pet’s hygiene by giving them a quick wash with plain water. Too much use of pet’s shampoo is not recommended, but yes a regularly scheduled shampoo wash is obligatory. Pets do need regular de-shedding and trimming of hair and a professional groomer can be hired to do this task. Wipe your pet’s paws after every walk to ensure a dirt-free home.

Create a pet cleaning station

Creating a specific spot in the house for cleaning your pet can save your house walls and floors from muddy stains. Any area like the laundry room, bathroom corners or kitchen can be converted to a pet cleaning station. Keep cleaning supplies like spray bottles, pet cleaning wipes, pet towels and pet shampoos handy to avoid any messy-wet-pet running around the house?

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Your silk- snugly pets shed their hair in every nook and corner of the house. For cleaning pet’s hair, you must choose the best vacuum cleaner for pets.  To pull out all the hairs from furniture and carpets the suction has to be extra strong. The best vacuums for pet hair will have some great features. They must have a good brush action and an effective filter quality. To keep on top of things with a furry pet, daily usage of vacuum cleaner is highly recommended so a good brush and HEPA filter will help in doing the cleaning quite well.

Revamp your Furniture

If you find it difficult to pull out your pet from your sofa or bed, then it’s time to upgrade the furniture around the house. A wrong choice of furniture can attract all the pet hairs and dirt like a magnet. Tightly woven material or leather is the ideal choice. The furniture should be easy to wipe and quick to dry. In case buying new furniture is not an option look for some throwaway spreads that can be used on top of the furniture. Choose the best vacuum for pets that can easily reach up to every corner of your furniture.   You may even want to consider one of the new technologically advanced robot vacuums that will even chase your pet around.

Ventilate your house

Freshening up your house regularly is crucial in order to avoid the pet smell getting stronger and intolerable.  Keep a generous supply of room fresheners and scented candles handy. To keep your furniture’s odour free, baking soda can also be used. During springtime leave your house windows open to enhance the energy levels of your home.

Clean your pet’s things frequently

Everything your pet uses, like his dishes, toys, pet beds, etc. must be cleaned regularly to steer clear of picking up the pet’s odour.  Try to dry their stuff under the sun in order to chase away that typical smell. Use a lint roller on cat trees and dog accessories.


With pets around be prepared for little “surprises”. Keep all cleaning materials handy and use the appropriate tools. Bring into play the best handheld vacuum for pet hair to keep your home spick and span.



Ref number: THSI-2050

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