Quick House Sales For Cash

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Many buyers need to sell property quickly and want to sell fast for cash? In that instance you are vulnerable to shark house sale agents who may start by charging you with valuation fees then end up offering you a fraction of what the property is worth.

Ethical House Purchases For Cash
We work with one of the UK’s most established house buying companies thousands of completed transactions. Ideal for people that need to sell a house quickly or have difficult circumstances.
  • All types of property purchased including residential, commercial, investments, vacant or let.
  • Purchase with sitting tenants in occupation
  • Any type of problem property ranging from missing freeholder issues to structural problems.
  • Up to 85% of the market value
  • Exchange of contracts within 24 hours if required.
  • Sellers legal fees paid up to £500
  • No valuation fees to be paid.
  • Accurate property valuations
  • Accept an offer then immediately proceed
About Fast Cash House Buyers
House buying companies will generally purchase your house within 28 days from start to finish. They will offer to buy a house no matter what condition it is in. The style you have decorated your home does not affect their decision to buy your home.

No Fee No HIPs required
Reputable house buying companies will make you an offer which will be the final price you actually receive for your property – typically up to 85% of the open market value. There will be no fees or charges taking value away from this. An offer made and accepted through an estate agent is typically only 90% of the open market value of the property.

A Fast House Sale
A fast house buyer is capable of moving quickly to stop property repossessions and evictions no matter what stage the seller is at. It has even been known for property buyers to get vendors back into their property after eviction. If there is any spare equity left over following the sale of the property and repayment of debts, the seller will be able to keep this.

When all this is taken into account, it is easy to see why more and more home owners are choosing to sell directly to a property buyer rather than use an estate agent. With a property buyer, the whole transaction is in the hands of the buyer who genuinely wants the sale to proceed as quickly as possible, and you can rest assured that you will not have the all too familiar lack of communication often associated with an Estate Agent. 
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