Relocating To Find A Job

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As the economic tectonic plates continue to shift, many people are facing stark choices, no work, no income but the same sized bills; in fact many bills have gone up.  It is a grim thought that some people think requires dramatic action; downsizing the house and getting a new job at the same time.

If you have to sell your house, it makes sense to move to an area with the best chance of getting a job.  A fresh start is often what is needed, there is nothing worse than living in the same town in a smaller house in a worse part of town, and having everyone you know seeing you stepping down.

It takes courage and determination to move, but it can be part of a personal transformation and reinvention, a new you. It requires an entrepreneurial, innovative mind set, it is about taking control of your life and your future, adapting to the times.

People with this mind set think outside the box, many decide to sell their own home using “for sale by ownerproperty portals, saving estate agent commissions and putting themselves firmly in control of the sale.

Moving House Because Your Employer Asks You Too

If your employer moves the location of their business, your situation depends firstly on the terms of your contract of employment.

Some contracts include a ‘mobility clause’ which says you have to move within certain limits. If you have a mobility clause in your contract your employer can normally force you to move to places allowed by the clause unless this is completely unreasonable (such as asking you to move to another country with only one day’s notice).

Reasons you might not want to go to the new location could include:

  • increased travel costs and time
  • if you need to move house, not being able to afford a house at the new location, or not wanting to leave your current home
  • your family situation, like having older parents who need you to care for them
  • your children’s education

If you don’t have a mobility clause in your contract, and the relocation is more than a short distance, you can decide not to move. In this case, your employer may make you redundant.

More information about relocating owing to employment

Professional CV could help secure the best job

It is no good solving the house problem without solving the job problem too.  To get a new job, you need to raise your game and learn to compete in an increasingly competitive job market. Many people turn to professional CV writers to give them the edge. One such service is available at

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