Residential Living Tips: How to Adjust To Your New Apartment Quickly

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You love your new apartment because it has all amenities you had always dreamed of. But still, there is something you can’t get control over: the new residential living space lacks the “it’s my home” feeling. Since you’ve just stepped into your new apartment, it’s natural to miss your previous home.

Worry not. You can quickly adjust and find comfort in the new place just like you were comfortable in your previous home.

Not sure how to give that homey feeling to your new apartment?

These tips will be a treasure for those who want to settle in Berkeley.

Unpack All Belongings Within The First Three Days Of Moving

Moving can be a stressful experience. Add to this the moving boxes blocking your way as you move through the pathway – nothing could be more irritating than that. This situation may occur when those boxes have occupied most of your space.

To make stepping into your new apartment a pleasant experience, it’s wise to unpack those boxes immediately so you can move freely from one room to the other. If this seems too tiring, place all the boxes in a single corner. Give yourself a deadline of three days to unpack all household items and place them where they’re supposed to be.

Give Highest Priority To Your Bedroom Settings

To relieve the all-day exhaustion, you’ll more likely feel like jumping onto your bed and fall asleep! To make it feel like home, set up your bed with a new bed sheet of your favorite color.

Once done, add the dressing table and coffee table in a similar setting as it used to be in your previous home. When you’ve entered the bedroom, stop reminding yourself about the unpacking chore of the next day.

Instead of thinking about the moving boxes, grab a book and start reading till you fall asleep.

Add A Personal Touch To The Living Room

Do you have home décor items that remind you of the good times? Reconnecting with your emotional stuff can help you adjust to your new apartment in lesser time than expected.

This means you don’t need to pack each and every thing when going for a Downtown apartment in LA. In fact, make a list of your favorite things (such as a decoration piece gifted by your dad, your graduation shield, or a sentimental frame you hung in your previous home).

While making the move, keep these little things in your hand bag so you can place them in the new living room as soon as you reach there. This trick will not only help you personalize your surroundings, it will create familiarity with your new home.

Lighten Up Your Mood With The Right Lighting

A dark living space gives a gloomy look. But why let low lighting make you feel miserable when you can change lighting according to your own imagination?

New home and new lights make a perfect combination. Start implementing your home décor plan by installing beautiful ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and kitchen bulbs.

To get an enhanced reflection of lighting, choose any wall of the living room and fill it with wall mirrors of different shapes. Besides enlarging the overall space, these mirrors will also add beauty to your apartment.

Invite Your Family To Your New Apartment

No matter how pleasing the newly decorated apartment is, you know what will make you feel happy about it: the comments from family members!

Once you’ve settled in, invite them for dinner. As they’ll see the new settings and stylish home décor – all done by you, they’ll appreciate your hard work. This positive reinforcement will help you love the new apartment.

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