Sacramento Electrician Reveals Hidden Electrical Issues Which Can Ruin Your Home Value

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More often than not, internal problems with a home are neglected because they aren’t generally seen right away. Most homeowners can immediately tell when there is a physical problem in their home because it is external. Hence, they can quickly fix the same. However, numerous issues that are kept hidden may have more significant adverse effects. Some of these involve electrical issues. To have more awareness regarding such, continue reading this article and visit for additional expert advice.

1. Black molds

Molds can exist in poorly ventilated areas of your house and can affect almost any aspect, including your electrical system. Although this starts as a minor problem, with time, the growth of more molds can lead to even more severe issues. Therefore, the growth of molds is not something that you can easily take for granted.

Not only do molds affect your water, ventilation, and heating systems, but it is also a very costly problem for you to fix, and to ensure that it doesn’t come back. Apart from reducing its value, the presence of black molds can also discourage potential buyers from purchasing your Sacramento home, no matter how beautiful it may be.

2. Poor electrical wiring

A majority of the electrical systems of a house remains hidden. This is why you rarely see any wires going around your home, and what you only see are the electrical outlets. As your house ages, so do the electrical wirings and systems of your home. These issues remain hidden, but some telltale signs of faulty electrical wiring include:

  • Flickering lights

  • Poorly functioning outlets

These electrical problems have to be solved immediately because no homebuyer would like to buy a house with faulty wiring. Apart from being costly to fix, this can also lead to potentially serious injuries. Electrical shocks may occur or, worse, fires caused by faulty wiring. On more common instances, your electrical appliances can get damaged.

3. Decreased heating function

There are still many homes today that rely on gas for their heating. However, a majority of newly built homes already rely on electricity for almost anything, including a home’s heating systems. Despite the increasing use of a heater or radiator during the cold winter months, because of advancements in technology, it doesn’t necessarily mean a high spike in your electricity bill. Therefore, if you observe that your electricity bill suddenly zooms up, this may mean that there are hidden electrical issues concerning your heater that need to be solved.

Electrical problems with your heater are something that has to be solved before you even think about selling your home. No buyer ever wants to purchase a home with defects in something as important as your heater, or you will have to settle for selling your house for a much lower price instead.

4. Short or loose wires

When you first build your house, every aspect of it is kept as perfect as it should be. However, as the years go by, with lesser inspections of your electrical systems, you may not be aware of short wires, or wires that have gone loose. These problems will lower the value of your house because this problem leads to constant power outages, which only you experience.

No homebuyer would ever want to live in a house where, in the summer, when the air-conditioning systems are in full blast, they suddenly hear a big pop and—poof!—only your house has a power outage in the whole neighborhood. Before selling your Sacramento home, therefore, be sure to check your circuit breaker and your entire electrical wiring system.

5. Too few electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are external, yes. However, a Sacramento electrician reveals that albeit external, this is considered as a hidden electrical issue as homeowners do not commonly look into it. It is not every day that you find homeowners who do a head count of their electrical outlets and realize that in today’s day and age, the number of outlets in their house may not be sufficient anymore.

Especially if your house is a relatively old home, constructed before all the increasing advancements in technology, you previously did not need to rely too much on electrical outlets as you had lesser electrical tools and appliances in your house. However, recently, more and more house appliances see the need for more electrical outlets. For example:

  • For families with children, electrical rockers, electric breast pumps, food makers, and other electrical toys

  • Increase in the number of gadgets that have to be plugged and charged regularly

  • New appliances, such as electric air purifiers, instant pots, juicers, food processors

Before selling your Sacramento home, be sure therefore to check that you have quite a several electrical outlets in your house to meet the needs of more technology-oriented millennial families.


If you are leaning towards selling your Sacramento home, there are many issues that you have to be concerned about. Of these problems, one of the most important are the electrical issues enumerated above. When unsolved, these problems can significantly affect the value of your home negatively, where you are forced to sell your house for a much lower price. Now that you are aware of these issues, you can avoid them altogether.

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