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Selling property using Google search advertising means targeted buyers will reach your property advertising

Undertaken a campaign yourself without the relevant experience could mean a huge false economy. Optimising a campaign can result in low cost per click and high returns but you should leave this to the experts

A House Shop managed campaign will see your property advertised to the thousands of people who search Google.

What to do now
1.) Select your advertising package and create your property advert
2.) Add Google campaign to your package

we will start a highly optimised campaign within a couple of days directed at your property advertising

It’s a fact that most buyers who are searching for a property will use the internet to find their next home. Our Google Adwords qualified professionals can help you capture Google traffic as part of your online campaign to sell your property privately.

What is Google Adwords? 

Google Adwords are the text advertising that you see in Google search engine results pages. They may appear at the very top of the search results or typically along the right hand side entitled sponsored links. The advert is usually linked to a sellers property advert or website and is operated on a cost per click basis.

How to advertise property on Google

Anyone can set up a Google Adwords account and attempt to advertise in Google Adwords however our experience shows that this can be very expensive experiment. Google charges on a cost per click basis and without specialist knowledge you could have costly experience. Learn more about how to advertise on Google

Appear at the top of the search engine results with our Google Ads service

Ten reasons to use Google advertising

  1. 1.) Targeted traffic driven to your Little House Property listing
  2. 2.) Attract local buyers to your property listing
  3. 3.) Increase the people who will see your property advert
  4. 4.) Compliments any advertising package
  5. 5.) Campaigns may be turned on and off
  6. 6.) Campaign managed by The Little House Team of qualified professionals
  7. 7.) Monthly report given so you can review keyword performance
  8. 8.) Makes your campaign to sell your property very proactive.
  9. 9.) Relatively inexpensive method of finding a buyer compared to other marketing
  10. 10. Easy to set up
Frequently asked Questions 
How do we keep the costs down?
We create highly targeted advertisements that are shown only to those searching Google in a specific region, this allows us to keep costs down and ensures your advert is shown to a highly targeted audience. Average per click prices vary but depend on the popularity of a keyword we will never go over your budget. We monitor your campaign and adjust it to ensure that it is optimized to perform with the highest amount of clicks at the lowest price per click.
Why use us?
Our experience gives us the ability to obtain the best value for money whilst targeting buyers that really want to see your property. Inexperience when dealing with Google adwords can lead to very expensive mistakes.

Selling property online

Google advertising for homeowners is part of our marketing services aimed at helping consumers save money by selling property direct without an estate agent. We also supply

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