Top 5 Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Repair or Replacement

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Regarding roof maintenance and care, it is vital to be careful of the danger signals your roof sends and get the repair done before it’s too late. A leaky roof is a sign of a damaged roof. But if you ignore the sign and let the water drip from the roof, you may damage the furniture and even allow mold-causing diseases to enter the house. In this article, we will look at the top five signs you must be vigilant of to ensure your roof is intact and in good shape.

What are the five signs of roof damage?

Sign 1 – Water Leakage:

If you spot water particles on the ceiling of your house, it can be the first sign of a damaged roof. Water accumulated on your roof for a long can dampen the ceiling and lead to fungal growth. Water can seep into any corner crack and cause structural damage. Dealing with the first sign of roof damage can save you from further damages and expenses.

Sign 2- Missing Shingles:

A missing shingle is an alarming sign of a poorly maintained roof. As shingles make the upper layer of the roofing, they protect the roof from external damage. Call a professional roof repairer if you spot any missing shingles. The professional will check all the shingles and replace any damaged ones to ensure your roof stays intact during harsh weather.

Sign 3 – Granule Loss

Granules protect the shingles and keep them intact. Suppose you notice any missing shingle; there is a high chance that your roof has also lost the granule. A shingle granule loss is a direct sign of damaged roofing. The granule protects the shingles from harmful UV rays. A roof with damaged granules is not only porn to damage but can also be a cause of damage to the home interior. UV rays entering the house through a damaged roof could harm the furniture and lead to ineffective insulation operation.

In short, you may pay more electricity bills to keep the home cool for no apparent reason. If you want to save electricity bills and on roof repair, it is highly recommended to get the roof repaired when you spot any damage to the granule.

Sign 4 – Sagging Roof

Roofs are sturdy and well-shaped. But, if you spot any change in its shape, call the professionals immediately before it is too late. A sagging roof can be a sign of some serious problem. A roof sags when it is not maintained regularly. Stormy wind, heavy rainfall and snowfall can cause structural damage to the roof. Prolonged water damage can lead to irreparable roof damage. Therefore, scheduling timely roof maintenance services can protect your roof from sagging.

Sign 5 – Algae Growth

The roof is exposed to harsh weather, which can lead to algae growth. Prolonged exposure to moisture in winter and rainy seasons can lead to fungal and algae growth. If you spot any green residue on your roof, immediately call the professional roof repairs. Leaving the roof unattended can further damage the roof. Algae growth is a clear sign that water has leaked into the roof and can cause damage. Algae growth, if left untreated, can cause mould and fungal growth inside the house, leading to airborne diseases.

Trees and branches touching the roof can sometimes lead to moss and algae growth. Poor air circulation is also one of the top reasons for algae growth. Regular maintenance of the roof and trimming of branches can prevent algae development.

How to Prepare for Roof Repairing?

You have now understood and identified the signs of poor roof health. Before calling in a professional roofing company, it is crucial to prepare your family and home for the damages that repairing work could cause. Some roofs are completely damaged and require overhaul. Relocating to a safe solution is the only solution in such cases. Here is a small guide to help you prepare for roof repair work.

Step 1: Examine the roof damage to evaluate the relocation need. If the repair work take time? Is it safe to live inside a house with a damaged roof? Ask these questions, and you will get the answer to whether it is time to relocate.

Step 2: Ask the professionals about estimated repair costs before the repairer starts. It is always better to know the cost involved in repairing the roof. It will save you from being overcharged for unnecessary expenditures.

Step 3: Cover the interior and furniture of the house while the professional works on the roof. Some debris might fall and damage the furniture. You may have to buy a covering sheet before getting the roof repaired.

With these three simple steps, you can prepare your home and family before the roof repair work starts.


Your roof protects your family and expensive interior from the damages caused by harsh weather outside. Scheduling regular roof maintenance and repair services can protect the roof and keep it strong throughout the season. Check for the signs (discussed above) to know when your roof needs repair and maintenance. A poorly maintained roof can crash and cause severe damage to people living under it. Moreover, having the roof replaced completely is very costly and time-consuming. A regular roof repair service can save you time and money.

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